Data/Relic sites suggestion

Instead of a minesweeper-esque game, can the relic and data sites have more to do with actual hacking?

Just like what? Typing commands at the command Promt?.

What’s wrong with the hacking-themed minesweeper-esque game?

I like it, it rewards player skill and it also nicely incorporates character skill, module, ship and skill bonuses.

You mean hacks similar to the administrative credential leakage of Ubiquiti, stealing of SSNs from Equifax, or the exfiltration of SF-86 forms via the OPM from the US Government? A “hack the CIA” datasite or a “track down one of the missing Francis Bacon paintings” relic site?

I’m not sure what sending that data to CCP Games would do but you’d definitely get a once-in-a-lifetime joyride in your neighborhood FBI van.

Not that, I mean something like solving puzzles that have something to do with logic or math or something.

I kind of wondered if CCP has ever considered the idea of like combining what Amazon does with it’s Mechanical Turk Worker program and have us players do tedious little things like copying receipts.

Crowdsourcing … Project Discovery. :laughing: They probably make $0.00001 per submission

you know that the current hacking mini game has somethg to do with logic, yes? that you are not supposed to click randomly everywhere?

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If you click everywhere randomly and still manage to complete the hacks succesfully, your ship fit is compensating for your bad skill at the minigame.

Try taking off some virus strength and coherence in favour of other modules/ships that help you scan or fly faster to earn more ISK, but if you give up this extra help in the minigame you need to have a good understanding of the minigame.

I personally do those sites in an unbonused interceptor - if I randomly clicked I’d lose a lot of cans. Now I very rarely lose cans, only if I get two bad layouts of the red core in a row.


l m a o. “Can it be more hacker hacky hackfesty”. … " I want to feel like a super leet hacker with my real world hacking skills applied into this totally realistic hacking minigame" … “hack hack hack hack”

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That’s what this game literally is. If you can’t figure out how to start winning the hacking mini-game then there’s literally no way you know anything about hacking in real life. This is a ■■■■■■■ cake-walk compared to any real world level of ‘hacking’. I think you’re just mad that spamming the nodes doesn’t reward you…

Rule of 6, rule of 8, 3 connection white nodes… learn the antiviruses… etc. its VERY much based on logic, math, and applied skill

Also the way it is right now sometimes they force you to lose a can or two now and then and that’s fine. What would the game be like if they just let you have all the loot anyways?

I suspect that the mini-game is closer hacking a company/organisation than many think it is. That whole thing of “rattling keys while excitedly reciting random acronyms and technobabble” you see in the movies ain’t hacking.

The best hackers aren’t technical loners in rooms, they are the socially aware and manipulative. They don’t rattle the keys chanting “AES256-GCM”. They phone the secretary of the target company and have a pleasant chat about the weather and the invoice that needs paying that the boss raised. You know, the one that is the subject of the court case we all want to avoid. Can’t find it? hang on, I’ll e-mail you the copy of it and you can check the numbers on it…

The current game is a fascinating little puzzle box. It’s not a bad representation of breaking into a company, learning how it operates and what its little rules and foibles are - things like the rule of 6 and other patterns and habits it has. Learn that about a system and you can walk into a target’s office and help yourself to his biscuits. Get it really right then his secretary will get you a cup off coffee to dunk them in.

you really need to get off your ass irl and get a job. EVE is a game and should remain so. it’s not a job!

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