Make hacking more like hacking

The hacking minigame gets old pretty fast. I’d love to see data sites use a different mechanic that is more like actual hacking: you enumerate the environment to identify the systems, scan systems for vulnerabilities, then attempt to exploit vulnerabilities. Successfully compromising a system gives you access to other subnets or gives you rewards. Perhaps pilots collect malware and exploits that they can then use in future hacks as well.

Could leave the current mechanic for relic sites. Unless somebody has a cool idea for how to make it more like archaeology :slight_smile:

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You think thats bad, you should have seen what they did before. The other minigame used to have this thing that blew up and you had to click little balls really fast.

But yes, these minigames we part of a fad and should have never been added to EVE.


Or even before that when there was no minigame and you just waited for a success cycle


The cycle was what everyone liked, it is like other areas of EVE, salvaging for example, and after scanning down a site you didn’t have to play stupid games.

One of my best ingame friends quit over these minigames, she was furious over the clicking.

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But but but it’s more active gameplay! Beggars shouldn’t be choosers, and just you wait what they will do to make mining or ratting more active still.

More fun for hunting. Before you could just orbit the can and spam dscan.


This sounds fun as fanfiction, but it’ll just end up being another mini-game. After the first week, the novelty will wear off and no one will actually feel like they’re “hacking” anything, but just playing a slightly different mini-game to open the cans.

Probably true… But even if that is so, I’d still prefer it. I have pet peeve about how hacking is depicted in games and movies. E.g. the bazillion movies where hackers are like flying through a virtual environment shooting virus protection robots, lol.

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I don’t.

I totally agree with the OP.
For a good start, everyone should be forced to learn how nmap works.

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That sounds LOADS better.

Thats awesome. Combined with going back to just using a module and wating for it to cycle, you could just plug them into your analyzer as scripts, and keep trying hack scripts until one works. And maybe have some sort of system that gives you clues as to what hack script will work each time one fails.

What will work could also be tied to who made the machine/ can you are hacking. And using the completely wrong script could see the machine/can blow up or freeze.

Incidentally, I would also like to see ships lock when you eject. And then have it so that ships, mobile depots, secure cans, MTUs, etc can be hacked.

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As someone that likes to hunt explorers, a big +1 from me.

The more distracted they are on a minigame, the easier to catch and then kill. So I’m all for this proposal.


Indiana Run


The minigame is enough For me. I don’t want to be assploded by hunters because of hacking that takes too much time. Piece of advice. Please Stop being assploded in jspace.

I don’t like the hacking minigame, because it takes sometime 1s to answer my click and that is just unbearable especially when you have to manage your tank at the same time and watch local for incoming waves.

Really it depends a lot but it can happen to suck a lot, and when that happens you start to hate yourself and Eve.

Working as intended™


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