Scanning+Codebreaking 'minigame' - I do very much like it


I have to say I do enjoy those codebreaker/analyizer-minigames a great deal!

It’s not just a matter of “you got the skills” or “fit that module on some ship” but actual skill!
You have to learn and understand patterns and make decisions - find your own way to solve the puzzle, in order to get a good reward! And if you are careful and keep an eye on the scanner, you might even be allowed to keep it (which can make a nice sum!)

It really combines all the good things of Eve.

  • using the right ship and tools makes it easier but isn’t the “end” of the story.
  • exploring and being brave gets rewarded (far more)
  • it can be done by new(ish) and experienced players with little in terms of restrictions or upfront expense

Most of all: it’s a breath of fresh air.
The devs easily could have made us “point a module at a container for 2 minutes” and called it a day but instead, we got a mixture of ‘minesweeper meets mission impossible’ style kinda gameplay :slight_smile:

I wish we had more like that!
More kinds of challenging games to get all sorts of cryptic weird items and a bit of a kick out of it!
Those could be more than container locks but actually allow access to new regions/pockets/stations… who knows?

A shame (and no surprise) that they are gone as fast as they spawn :stuck_out_tongue:
Its a token to their popularity. At least so far i cant say i met anyone hating them.

Just felt like sharing my 2 ISK-cents on the matter.



I like it too! It was a gamechanger to realize that it’s worth following the numbers and it’s also a gamechanger to get up to 40 attack to one shot the 40/40 notes.

Keep an eye out for Sleeper Cache sites which have some alternate hack mechanics.

safeExplo quickly helps identify if its safe to warp to a site

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