Returning explorer

Hi there, Its been some time since I last played EVE. (About 1 or 2 years)

I was Exploring most of the time in either Astero or a covert ops.

I am thinking of returning to EVE. specially for some more exploration and hacking.

Wonder if it is still fun , worth it .

What changed in the past couple years regarding exploration , probing , hacking, sites , loot and so!

thank you in advance

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  1. "Wonder if it is still fun " yes it is fun if you like it. Some people like scanning and hacking, others don’t like it and prefer trading/mining/gate camping/ etc. Nobody can tell you if you will find it fun. Only you. Sandbox thingy etc
  2. “worth it”: it depends. Where? wh? low sec? null? only hacking or also clearing ded sites? etc. But yes, some activities in explo are worth it
  3. "What changed in the past couple years ": mmmm iirc only the probe scanner interface changed.
    The rest did not change afaik
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I spent like 2 years scanning signatures and running Relic , Data sleeper and covert sites.
So , yea. was hell lot of fun.

Thank you for repling. pretty much answers my questions and relieves my doubts.

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feel free to convo me in game, i ll be available to answer your questions
welcome back to eve

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Not much (if anything) changed in exploration last 2 years. Warp speed got buffed so maybe try a Pacifier (lacks 1 high slot for pew but movement is amazing).

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