Need some advice for exploring in today's New Eden

Good Day to all of you o7

I have been away from Eve for over 5 years. Being gone that long means lots of changes in lots of areas.

Would someone be kind enough to give me a quick rundown of what’s changed in the arena of exploration.

I’d like to be somewhat prepared when I start going out there again.

Thank you!!

I always love these. There are release notes. You can even search them.

That being said. There are still probes, they work the same. There is still a hacking minigame.

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Well I guess that’s my fault asking fellow New Eden explorers for a cliffnotes version of the last 5 years. I forgot what this community is like.

Thank you for your… insight.


I don’t think anything significant has changed. They changed how probes worked, but I think that was more than 5 years ago. They added the Sisters of Eve exploration ships, but I think that was more than 5 years ago, too.

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Don’t blame the community. I just have a low tolerance for lazy people.

To be fair however, I did also give you the answer.

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I’m not blaming the community, I’m remembering that asking for advice or help is like playing a game of russian roulette.

As for laziness, I would agree if I asked about the last six months but I asked about 5 years. That’s 51 pages of patch notes.

You could have easily said that not much has changed in over 5 years. If you couldn’t give me a straight answer without the snark, you should have moved on by my post.

Being helpful in a positive manner doesn’t take a lot of energy. If you have a low tolerance for something you perceive as one thing, then avoid it and don’t let it affect you.

Again I thank you for your input and please have a nice day.

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By the same token, taking even a modicum of effort would have changed the game, had you come here with a post something like,

Hey community. I’m coming back after 5 years absent. I’ve skimmed the patch notes, but being 51 pages I may have missed something. Anyone know of exploration changes I might have missed?

It would have shown you made some effort.

And the fact that you seemingly came in after 5 years to ask without any effort is actually worse. it says, "I don’t want to waste my time skimming 51 pages of patch notes, but I’m happy to ask someone else to try and summarize those 51 pages for me.

Being helpful goes both ways.


sorry OP, but I fully agree with Derath. You expect him/us to summarize “51” pages for you, because you don’t want to read it.
what about joining an explo-focused corp and ask them?
or joining a eve-uni course about explo?

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Exploration doesn’t change particularly that much over time, i have left and came back over the years and i don’t see great changes too it but i will try to fit you in what you need to know.

First drone sites got worse, a lot worse, because the price of drone capillary fluid dropped to almost worthless and since it was the reward you counted on most your income from, those sites are pretty much worthless now. Unless you like very infrequent payouts.

Wormholes decided to add a ton of new inter connecting wormholes in all wormhole systems, sure it was good for the high end but it really increased the difficulty for the low end ones and i am not aware of them fixing it too this date. Kind of ruined low end wormholes and i don’t believe they have fixed it yet even though they know its a problem.

I would look into understanding invasions and the dangers of some systems being Null inside Highsec.
I would also look into the market changes and new costs associated with editing your price which greatly effects exploration loot since it sells less frequently than say tech 2 loot.

The best advice I can give at this moment in “game time” is to sit it out for another year. CCP is bound and determined to pull the rug out from under the game. If you rejoin now and start a path, if might get nerfed in the days to come. After 5, what’s another 1?

That is a terrible sentiment.

These days, why?

Nothing has changed “these days.”

Oh, ok… :roll_eyes:

I don’t think there have been any significant changes to exploration in the past 5 years. The probe scanning map was updated, T3 cruisers lost a subsystem, and the Agency will give you some intel on the sites that are around you. I think that’s it.

This is extremely helpful, thank you!

I don’t remember seeing anything different on my Tengu except two low slots on the current subsystem were gone. I’ll check it out though. Thank you!

I’m not entirely sure what you’re referring to as the rug. I kind of like the triglavian invasion and the possible repercussions. I might throw my hat in with them. I’m still assessing though. Thank you

*edit for autocorrect misspelling

I also play since 1 month again after 6 years break. So i can feel with you.
Reading changes is a mess, because sometimes things changes multiple time and sometimes never,
even if there are announced. Or rejected in some announcement later. 1 Place with all knowledge and rules which are up to date I had also not found.

So my findings so far.

-Handling is different, only 1 cursor for all probes as default (change seperately is still possbile)
-Strength /duration etc. can be seen in the right corner on the top… this is a nice one.
-recover drones are mech faster.
-There are some new modules, which are can hack relic and data sites in one modul with lower values
(save 1 mid slot)

  • Also some new modules for mid-slots for increasing acan strength , lower duration names
    Scan rangefinding array etc, which I beleive not known in my old active times

But all in all I see no significant changes…

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