2 years....Has it been this long?

I used to play Eve awhile back and now I’m looking to see what all has changed…I work a lot now, but that isn’t too bad as my job is a salesman and my pay depends on how much I sell…anyways! I plan to use my lease card money I get after getting leases for people to get myself back truly…in the game. Til then however, I wanted to ask…What all has changed over the years? I noticed the “radio” button disappeared…that made me kind of sad, but other than that…Anyone like to take me in? Or give me links to refer to, to get me going again?

I made this post here as this is kinda more of a “Hey I’m back! What’d I miss!” post and not “Pls let me join corp pls” post, lol.

Here you go:

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Thank you!

I would suggest you browse through the EVE updates page, what i think might be new to you are:

  • Upwell Structures: Engineering Complexes: Raitaru, Azbel and Sortiyo, Refineries: Athanor and Tatara.
    Engineering Complexes are Production and Research oriented, while Refineries (latest addition) are oriented towards Ore/Material Processing.
  • PLEX changes: 1 “old” PLEX = 500 “new” PLEX. you can read more here and the follow up here
  • Moon Mining Revamp - Dev Blog
  • Fleet Boost changes (from Off-grid to On-grid). Read here
  • Clone States implementation. Read here and the upcoming addition to Clones states can be read here.

If you want to know more, look through the Updates Page or Patch Notes.

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Oh yes, the official patch notes have all changes. The doc I linked has some major changes, not all of them are listed.

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