New "Old" player (returning to the game)

Right will try and do my best here to explain what I know and what is confusing me…
I am a returning player after almost 4 years away.
I understand the basic concept with the Alpha and Gamma versions being basically free and paid versions, no issues there.
Plex seems to be a whole lot more expensive… Well when I last played it was around the 500 million mark!

Can someone breakdown the new features? Not asking for a full run down of all the new features as that would take forever, more a TLDR version with pointers to where I can read up about them, would take me forever to figure them all out myself!
Last thing I remember was the introduction of wormholes and their unknown space, that and the captain’s quarters being introduced.

Hope someone can help!

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Welcome back! I unfortunatly cannot fill you in on everything since I am a returning player myself, been playing for only a month or so and kept myself to my activities, but here is a few that I know for sure:

  • Exploration: You no longer loose your scanned results every session change, instead it is now till you log off, so if you fully explore a system you can jump elsewhere and come back and all is explored.
  • Upcoming updates on Moon Mining, Reactions, and other stuff, like new turret firing effects
  • Cool new UI in your character panel under Interactions that easily allows you to see what happens when the selected faction is at a certain standing with you
  • Ships with new models, including the CONCORD ships, with their latest model coming soon for the Battleship variant.
  • Project Discovery, a cool thing that lets you contribute to science by discovering new planets, with some rewards of course for taking your time in doing it!
  • Captain Quarters are Gone to give room for better maintenance and better focus for other features

All of this information and more can be found in the Dev Blogs section, along with Weekly news to let us know about changes that are coming as well as other neat things like art and stories!

Hope I was Some help XD


Hi! Welcome back!
Here are a link to EVE updates starting in 2014. It’s at least some o/

I think Skill extractors and injectors are something that really is different.
As is the new player structures that will take over the POS.

New features, as he mention above.

  • many more. Ship fitting simulator ingame.
    New boosting system; the rorqual has to be in the mining field to boost now. And you mine with the rorqual/orca.

Welcome back.

Wormholes were introduced as part of the Apocrypha expansion in 2009 and Captains Quarters arrived with Incarna in 2011 (and were removed last month). A lot has changed!

The Eve University wiki is probably the best resource for the way things work now

The updates site will trace the history of changes since Kronos in June 2014.

What you should look for will depend on where you live (Nullsec has completely different sovereignty mechanics) and what you do (Industry has had a major overhaul since you left).

Good luck.

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Welcome back to Eve o7

Don’t forget Citadels.

In short Citadels, Engineering Complexes, and future structures coming out soon are being put in game to replace Player Owned Starbases.

For more information, take a look at: . CCP will be starting to phase out POS, POS Modules and their bonuses to encourage everyone to make the switch.

Let’s hope when the change over is completed this image is less relevant:


Welcome back :wink:

hope you didn’t found yourself with negative stands with everyone except you own race loool I really don’t know what have I done back in 2010, fortunately my 2010’alt trader and my new main are ok with the stands

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I been wondering how long are the POSs going to stay in game?

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I am not sure on dates at this time, but this may be of interest:


It was perfectly clear what you meant still a slight correction to save you from potential future confusion: it is Alpha and Omega state, not gamma.

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