Back after a year, can someone make a summary of changes?

I am not a new player per see but I stopped playing eve last year as I saw it leads to nowhere especially when I decided I will play as alpha so I wouldn’t need to worry or pay PLEX every month.

Heard about new apha clone changes coming so I logged back and checked whats the status of my accounts and assets.

I logged once or twice during that year so I already saw some changes like new suns, warp VFX, plex change and new probe scanner.

I am alpha clone and I intend to remain alpha clone.

So I am here and I am trying to see what actually changed for me specifically. I can care less about reactions, moon mining, new ships I can’t use, alliance changes and w/e happening in null/wh space.

So far I noticed:

  • eve launcher is extremely slow and causes lagging especially when trying to close it
  • also game crashed few times and once the client was lagging as hell untill I restarted it
  • captain quarters disappeared
  • alphas can research time efficiency on blueprints
  • t1 ships rebalanced in worst possible way, rifter useless for solo-pvp, vexor was nerfed to the point thorax is better for pvp, haven’t notice other ships as alpha I had only gallente and minmatar characters
  • i lost all my market bookmarks on all accounts :sob:
  • there is a sliding list of commodities and their changes in market, looks cool but I am not interested in those commodities at all
  • there is some agency window, opened it, but I am not sure i will use it again
  • there is some mining event, since the only ship i can mine with is venture I will pass
  • new notifications notifying you about every single standing change - i don’t mind getting info about this when completing missions or attacking in lowsec but it is very annoying when ratting (and I haven’t found where to disable this)
  • interaction tab was reworked, the layout is weird and while it is cool I can see reasons why the standing was changed, now I cannot sort corps by standing making it hard to find corporation you care for, also when completing mission there is a note that other standing was increased (corp) but I can’t get there from GUI in notification/agent interaction tab and have to check corp manually

Worth to mention:

  • big inflation
  • same old scammers spamming same old scams in jita local
  • same old multiboxers running ice mining operations in hs
  • same old gankers camping in tornados in front of jita
  • same old gank corps still 100+ wars to hs corps and they are still extending them
  • bounties still useless
  • none of my QoL suggestions posted on old forums got added

Is there anything I have missed? I heard on forums about “new overview” but I don’t see anything that would change in overview.

Welcome back! I’ve been gone myself for four years now and thinking about coming back, but I’d like to see a summary of the changes as well and thought I’d comment here and save making another topic.

I think I quit before those entosis modules changed sov warfare? Haven’t really looked too closely into it yet.

Maybe I’ll see you out there!

It’s pretty much the same game you left.

You seem to have a very negative attitude towards everything, you sure you want to come back? Your entire post seems to be a ‘things that are bad’ list.

Is there anything you do like?

Case in point:

Now … I flew a Venture in this event, successfully gained the standing for the level 2 and 3 versions of the encounters while doing so, got lots of ISK, Loyalty Points and rewards, fleeted up with some other players that were running the encounters and made some new friends as a result.

See the difference when you go into things with a positive attitude rather than a ‘I will pass’ attitude?

Your loss I guess.

negative? not really, just stating facts, ability to research bpo time efficiency is great change

i tried agency - very good for newbies, comes handy even for old players as it shows anoms/event sites is sectors without need to visit them, it is just absurdly slowly loading…

despite I don’t enjoy mining, I also tried the new mining event sites, the concepts looks finally as something like “enjoyable mining”, something missing in this game for long time, unfortunately even when I actively tried and was mining between avoiding dea\th from 2 serpentis dramiel that were there on start I was not able to mine 10k in time limit (10minutes) so I got nothing and I am not hesitant to waste my time again, especially when it looks like level 2 and 3 event sites are not doable solo with venture and while it is good idea to support grouping, currently I have no interest looking for mining friends mainly because I do not enjoy mining anymore and have better activities to do

We’ll agree to disagree, seeing as there was a complete absence of anything positive. It was line after line of dreary, miserable, soul sucking negativity. Maybe I just see it that way because I’m actually enjoying the game and can think of good things to say about it. :thinking:

There is a lot of good in EVE and if you cannot see any of it then like I said, are you sure you want to come back? You don’t have to play EVE you know.

Oh well, add one more bittervet to the pile … :roll_eyes:

“Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.”

One thing I’ve noticed across the years of gaming: when you get those people who have nothing good to say about a game, yet insist on logging back in to the forums year after year to say how miserable everything is?

Yeah, those people never change.

And they never get better.


check your settings folders, there’s a chance they are still there somewhere, and the launcher doesn’t see them, or has your accounts on the wrong settings folder.

if you click on the notification thingy there should be a settings gear icon in there that will bring up a window where you can turn various things on/off. Standings are in the Misc category.

CCP just made a change to moon mining, lots of speculation and material stockpiling leading to some wacky prices. I expect most stuff to settle down soonish. Biggest change I can think of.

can always scroll through to see what they feature for each patch.

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