Changes over the past 12 years

Hi Everyone. I played this wonderful game back from 2006-2009 and loved every minute of it. I decided to retire in 09 due to starting a family and getting busy with RL. Now I have a 12 year old son and a little more spare time so I’m thinking about trying the game again so I can play it with him. I’ll have to start over since I got rid of my character so I wouldn’t be tempted to pick up the game again :slight_smile:

Is the game largely still the same or has it morphed into something else? I don’t need details of every little change over the past decade but was just wondering if some of the veterans can chime in about some of the major changes in gameplay that exist now but didn’t exist “back then”.

Or simply, is it still the same old Eve that I used to enjoy or no? If no, why?


What was it that you enjoyed about EVE?

Some things changed and some things stayed the same, I suppose. I wasn’t around back then, but in my experience the EVE I joined in 2017 is still the same today: spaceship game with free market, PvP and people complaining how the game is going to die because of recent change X and older change Y. My guess is that it wasn’t all that much different in the years before that.

balance changes and changes to markets or how mining is done, as well as additional changes to null and krabbing etc.

IMHO still the same game from 2011 with some added stuff that was good or bad in some cases… biggest change you’ll notice is you have a free account to play with instead of upgrading to omega.

Those are all minor changes though. Mining is still ‘find asteroids lock and shoot to extract ore’ and the market is still the same station-bound locations where players can set buy and sell orders. Just some relatively minor details changed, which means you now make different choices for which ship to use in which situation for ores and how often you can and should undercut if you want to be profitable for markets and things like that. After 12 years he’ll have to relearn the game anyway, but in large lines it’s mostly the same I think.

This game has stagnated and is dying. It’s following in WoW’s footsteps and player-base is in majority, the same pathetic player-base from decades ago.
The problem is that 75% of those people, never actually grew up and are atrocious, pathetic man-children to play in this game.
EvE Online has effectively developed into a grief simulator. The Devs have managed to remove almost all forms of new players feeling rewarded, much more so, punished in light of mechanic changes.

Oh the irony.

There’s a lot of stuff to do. If you and your son play at the same time, you can tackle a lot of the content easily.

Although the map is different now cause of the trigs.

I’ve only been playing eve for 3 years but from what i hear and see of the olden days, it’s quite different now in terms of many things. Blue donuts, CCP being questionable in their updates, instanced content, etc. I’d say give it a try and be open to taking a fresh look at things

Fixed that for you, famborghini.

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Hisec wars are almost gone. Missions are less profitable. I think ship prices have gone up, in general. You’ll notice a little green/yellow/red “safety” button on the HUD. When green it will prevent you from doing “illegal” things in hisec.
The hisec route from Jita to Amarr is ridiculous now due to the theft of 27 entire solar systems by the #@^#$^& Triglavians.
I think industry is more complicated, in general. There are now more types of player owned structures, which has become a major game play item in itself.

It’s still Eve, but less simple.

An I think Null wars and alliances may still be CCP’s biggest source of income. Not sure about that, though.

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Thanks everyone. One thing that definitely hasn’t changed is the community support which is top notch. I’ve done a little exploring and starting training a new character and was shocked to find out that you can now purchase skill points with ISK or Plex. That seems to be totally against the principals of the founders or this game but I can totally understand the reason why it’s now allowed. I will probably take advantage of it so my son and I can enjoy parts of the game that I remember without having to mission grind for the next six months.

What is with the hisec route from Jita to Amarr? How were solar systems allowed to be take over by the Triglavians? I don’t remember a game mechanic in the past that would allow this to happen. Have they tuly taken it over or do they just have an abundance of minions that camp at the gates?

Back on the day I used to fly a Phantasm with my primary account and a scout ship in my secondary. I would scan for mission runners in hisec with my scout ship and then fly in my little phantasm to loot the wreck which would draw fire from the mission runner who was usually flying a battleship. The mission runner had no idea my Phantasm would be able to take down their ship. During this time I would fly my scout ship back in to remote rep my Phantasm. It was the most fun I had in the game. Anyways, is this even still possible? I believe the nerfed the Phantasm shortly after I left the game.

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I think neutral repping in Highsec is not possible any more without Concord interference.

CCP gave Amarr a more individual role by breaking the route, at least that’s the plan.

Many folks fought like crazy to prevent it, but it was built into the process that 3 to the 3rd power of planets would get stolen. I have a toon with a fair number of skill points in hauling skills that ended up with -2.7 standing to Trigs. He can’t safely haul through Trig “minor victory” systems. Fixing that standing directly by shooting rogue drones in Pochenhell is not a viable solution for such a large standing problem.
Very irritating.

I don’t know what they were thinking, but making Hong Kong be as distant from Los Angeles as the moon might not have the results folks might have thought they would.

iirc, the crimewatch update means your remote repping alt will share whatever flags you do - thus blinky. obviously signature tanking for the logi is probably okay in your books. btw, unless it’s an alpha on another entity (aka laptop/backup pc) then look into the new frigate logistics.

What I dont understand. Who are the Triglavians. Are they human operated players or computer operated npc’s. What was the reason for CCP to shut down the gate and what prevents them from opening another route with a new gate.


It wasn’t CCP who shut down the gate, they picked a few systems the triglavians would target (to eventually turn into Pochven once they had 27 of such systems) and it was the players who fought over all the systems who decided which 27 to turn into Pochven and thereby cut them off from the rest of the universe.

Players did not exactly know what would happen and did not know that there would be 27 systems, but it was players who broke the short high sec chain between Jita and Amarr.

Luckily the distance between Jita and Amarr isn’t that much bigger now, if you’re willing to hop through low sec.


Thank you for that explanation but are they human players oder computer operated like rats and sleepers ?

They’re NPCs, computer operated rats.

But we players got access to their ship tree, so we too can fly Triglavian ships. They look great and have a spooling laser beam that deals increased damage the longer it burns on one target.

OK, then they follow a path programmed by CCP. They are only allowed to do what the programmers want. They could stop the whole thing at once if they wanted too or restrict the Trigs to a special region. I bet if they would find out that it results in a drain of new customers they would do so.

LOL, did you ever do some programming?

More challenging rats are the result of years of EVE feedback. Players in the council are veterans playing AND paying for years.
New Eden never has been Newbieland, that’s for sure, but that’s also wanted.