Returning to Eve after 10 years

Hello - I last played Eve in early 2010. I am trying to return to the game, but I think there have been many changes in the last 10 years. I was a low-sec explorer/scanner for a while, and then I joined a corporation and moved to null-sec. Sort of a care bear. But a lot of the details are hazy at this point. Any helpful advice for an old timer?

Thanks in advance!

Otto TheRed

Other than additions of new gameplay and modules and some changes in that way, the most major things I’ve noticed are that normal rats will now target your drones like Sleepers used to, and Grid-Fu no longer works because the grids are much larger. (2000km+)

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New Eden gets invaded by Triglavians now.
They can be dangerous for the unwary.

With certain filaments you can get from data sites you can also raid their home space. “The Abyss” and get away with loot you need to build their ships.

Triglavian ships got introduced.

There are NPC mining fleets in asteroid belts. If you have bad standings to them, they will warp out an call in a response fleet which can be very tough to escape from as they bring tackle, e-war and logistics ships.

We have citadels, refineries and engineering complexes now who replaced the player built outposts in null and taken over lots of the functionality of a POS.

Exploration cans don’t drop a bunch of drifting stuff you have to chase after, you can just loot them now.

There have been made some changes to captials and introduced faction caps and Force Auxillary often called “FAX” as dedicated capital logistics platform. Carriers can’t use a triage module anymore. NSA locks them in place for it’s cycle time too.

There are XL citadels called Keepstars where even Titan and Supers can dock up.

With citadels came Asset Safety that transfers your stuff you have in a citadel to the nearest npc station in lowsec (if it was in null.) in case the structure dies while you are AFK.

You can no longer use Warp core stabs and Ventures in faction warfare sites.

Third-Party gambling sites like Somber Blink and I Want ISK where shut down a few years ago.
Now just recently CCP has introduced their own feature called “Hypernet Relay” where you can make your own raffles. (some of the big assets from Asset Safety are on there)

1 PLEX was converted to 500 PLEX.

You can buy skins for your ships now in the NES.

We have killmarks on ships for the one dealing the last blow.

New module called Assault Damage Control giving huge resists to the ship activating it for a couple seconds. Only fits to Assault Frigates and HACs.

There are only four Interceptor immune to bubbles anymore. (Claw, Raptor, Tanaris and Crusader lost nullification)

There is a new interface for agent missions and such called “The Agency”.

Battleships, Battlecruiser and Cruisers got a nice warp speed buff.

Bookmarks can be shared with Access Lists now.

Rorquals are actively mining in belts now with expensive drones.

Command Destroyers got intorduced.

There is no off-grid-boosting anymore.

That was just things from the top of my head.

Woud recommend for more info. It only goes back until early mid 2015, but should give a good idea.

Welcome back, capsuleer.


Welcome back!
The game graphics is well improved!
Gameplay itself has remained same… Scanning is much easier than 2010, now u don’t need to move every probe separately.
I also feel like solo gameplay is much more challenging!
Over all the game feels pretty much the same!

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Thanks! The past two weeks have been great. Everything has come flooding back quickly. Much shorter learning curve than in 2009! My main was trapped in Outer Ring - my old corp no longer exists and my system has been taken over by Russian gankers. But I manage get out and fly around a bit in my covert ops ship. Plus i have jump clones in Aridia and Stain. Meanwhile I am training up an alt for a hauling career. Fly safe! (I do miss the in-game browser and music player though)


It’s no ingame browser, but at least a jukebox:

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I miss the browser too. I hate alt tabbing and seeing the screen blink black.

On the media front there is also eve radio which I sometimes listen to. Eve Online is a cultural experience and things like radio and podcast enrich the world.

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