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o7 pilots,
A lot of changes after these years! Any place I can find all the info how it works now and new skills? Alpha / omega accounts? Limits? Missions and living 0.0? Is there still a market to buy and sell? BP’s still usable? And a lot more to find out?

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Welcome back! Yes to all your questions.

EVE University Wiki

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Here’s a list of changes that tend to catch returning players off guard.

  • Resists were nerfed with the Surgical Strike update, so old fits might no longer have enough tank for the same content that you used to throw at them.
  • Forward Operating Bases spawn “diamond rats” (there is a diamond at the beginning of their name) in the same system that they spawn in. These rats are much more dangerous than other rats, so you might want to give them a wide berth unless you know what you’re doing. You can check to see if a system has a FOB by looking in the new Agency window.
  • Triglavian rats are another type of new and dangerous rat that can even spawn on gates in HS. They spawn in minor trig victory systems, and certain systems that can spawn wormholes to a new area of space called pochven. You can set the routeplanner to avoid minor trig victory systems, but that can cut you off from various sections of space. Moreover, you can still get caught by trigs in systems with trig wormholes. Thus, you best bet is to get positive standings with them. It’s quick and easy. Here’s a guide .
  • You left before upwell structures were introduced, but I guess I should still mention it. If you go on break again, you should not leave your stuff in an upwell structure. If they go unfueled for too long, they will enter the abandoned state, and asset safety will turn off. At that point, you’d lose all your stuff if the structure was then destroyed. So, put your stuff in an NPC station before taking a long break.
  • Brokers Fees have been dramatically increased. So, trying to engage in the 1 isk war will quickly drain your bank account. Fees and taxes aren’t so bad that you should never change your orders, but updating too frequently will eat your lunch.

Welcome Back!
No P2W

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