What have I missed?

So I haven’t played in maybe 4 or so years. I looked back up on the updates, and I can recall things up through:
frigate burner missions, Thera system in J space, T3 destroyers, polarized mods, entosis link, microjump destroyers, skill trading, and citadels

New stuff seemed to be:
blood raider and gurista capitals
Concord ships?
don’t recall the sunesis or praxis
What is the Triglavian Collective? seem to be a new antagonist? that is attacking high sec?
Drifters are attacking null sec facilities? So alliances with too many citadels now get attacked by npcs to keep them on their toes?
Mutaplasmids seem to randomly alter modules? (maybe like vaaling something in PoE?)
Zero-Point Mass Entangler?
Ansiblex - Jump Gate (so there are now player made gates? WOW!)
I read there was a 2-month nullsec blackout. how was that received?
hypernet relay? allows remote buying and deliver with some MTX?

Did I miss anything else major? And would anyone care to fill me in a bit more on any of the new things? I have just been getting the itch too much lately, and I want to log back in :smiley:

Thanks in advance!


Yes, I saw that, which is how I got all the information that I posted. I was hoping to be enlightened further on some of the new features and was attempting to find out if there were any major things I didn’t catch

  • Hypernet is just kind of a lottery.
  • Captain’s Quarters were removed 3 years ago.
  • No Aurum any more, just PLEX
  • CCP is part of the South Korean company Pearl Abyss for about a year.
  • Moon Mining in HS (0.5-Systems) is possible, but only with moon ores.
  • Battleships can contain Frigs for escape reasons.

And much more…

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