Clearing the dust

((Max coughed and spluttered as he drags the covers off his ships, disturbing two years of accumulated dust))

Well folks, after almost two years away from my pod I am feeling the urge to dip my toes back into this chaotic whirlpool that is Eve. I played solidly from day one of retail, pretty well up until I stepped away two years ago.

So I guess, my question is. What new stuff do I need to get upto speed on asap? I am looking forward to looking at the game again and discovering what is new. However, I do want to avoid getting my ass bitten off by jumping in and assuming that all will be as I remember it.

Thanks in advance

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Learning about Citadel/Engineering Complex mechanics would be smart :smile:

Tech III cruisers has just been reworked.

A ton of capital changes and new capital ships and modules has been introduced :smile:

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I started around the same time you left! Welcome back!

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Hello and welcome back to Eve.

Since you’ve been gone for 2 years it might be prudent for you to slowly ease back into the saddle again. I suggest jumping on some high sec anomalies to get reacquainted with ship controls and then progress up to higher level sites until you feel confident enough to do missions or PvP action again.

Hope you have good luck and a long rewarding career in Eve.


Thanks guys. I’m enjoying it all on the whole. It’s a bit like pulling on an old comfortable pair of boots, though there are a few new lumps to be gotten used to ((grins)).
I do like the Citadel, Engineering Complex stuff, though I suspect that I will not be playing enough to get involved with all that.
But you never know. After all, you can take the pod pilot out of Eve, but will never take the Eve out of the player.

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