Returning need some info

Hello All,

I am returning to eve after a very long time and honestly I am shocked at the amount of changes and could use some help.

  1. New modules like cap injector shield booster micro jump drives some nanitepaste fuelled things basically have no freaking clue which ones to train for which one to use and so on.
    Is there a site that has fits like there used to be battle clinic ? To at least get idea what to train for and what is the current meta anyhow?

  2. industry wow OK need to start all over when I played last time I was running a pos to do inventions how is it done now ?

  3. Do you have any hacking exploration / combat ships like SOE fits?

Frankly I feel like a total noob again so any suggested reading or tips on biggest mechanic changes in last 3 years would be appreciated.

  1. probably, since is dead (RIP). At least you can see at zkill what other people fly and what killed them.
    About the Nanite and Capbooster fueled moduels: That is most common in PvP szenarios.
  2. You mean like T2 blueprint invention? That should work best in fitted engineering complexes or faction fortizars nowadays.
  3. Yes. But do you want to be capable of doing PvP in it or pure exploration? If you want pure exploration I would recommend the Imicus or any Covert Ops frigate you can fly. They are much cheaper. If you have the itch to try to kill other explorers, go for the Astero.

For the biggest changes you might want to look up It should give nice overview.

I just returned and I’m deciding on which role I’ll play. Pirate or gatherer. Hmmm…

Why not both?

Well, I’m not entirely sure I can juggle that much, furthermore, I’d like to only take part in something that will be fun for others. Like EVE online, (being one of the best mmos ever created) I used to play Ultima Online, and at some point certain play styles don’t aid the economy or help in the right way.

I’d done a little research and it seems that only the loyal players have remained on EVE or new players. I’d like to make a choice that fits in to create a well balanced game world.

For example: too much pvp and not enough people mining for fear of being pked or vice versa.

What do you think there is too much of on EVE while leaving out the banter of (carebears, whinny people, etc.) Lol spare me the evil side of people.

Too many people around Jita.
Not enough gatecamps in low (exception: way to Jita :slight_smile: )

Too many whales not enough whalers

Yeah, because if you want a great fit, nothings better than one that got someone killed.

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Well, yes. If you consider to what it died to, and check what the pilot has killed with this ship beforhand you can picture a (very incomplete, but still a) story about it.
When a blob of 20 people killed your solo roaming cruiser it does not matter how good you fit was. I hope you get what I’m trying to say.
If you would know a good online source then I would be happy if you’d share it. :slight_smile:

Wehn you look at the monthly economic reports and see what incredible ammounts of ore are mined in certain regions of null sec (e.g. Delve) you wont be concerned about too less mining anymore.
I don’t know much about Ultima Online, but was the whole game based on one server with an economy basically balancing itself? There are billions killed in daily freighter ganks and it’s not a problem for EVE as a whole. If there is too much of a thing it becomes not profitable anymore and people will stop doing the thing until it becomes profitable again.
More PvP is also means more destroyed stuff which needs to be replaced by players. Leading to mining, production and sales. From my point of view, there cant really be too much PvP.

If I would have to name a thing which we have to much of, it’s the time people spend in highsec.

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