Whats new in eve?. Questions from a returning player

I have returned to eve after a long hiatus and there are a lot of things diferent now. I dont seem to remember anything less than 5 years old. I suppose that many other players have similar problems so I made a list of questions. Perhaps people would be so kind to give me their opinions, More than the actual changes which I can actualy search for in the dev-blogs, i would be interested in how much they affected gameplay, which are important new things that I need to know and which i can figure later.

1–> Hotdrops: Did the changes to capitals affect the hot-droping / Titan bridging, is the expectation
of getting hot-dropped diferent now?. There is something relevant to be known about the new fighters?

2–>Links: Last think i remember they where a cancer how do they work now in a tl,dr version.

3–>Command destroyers: micro-jump-field what?, can i ignore it or should i make them primary?

4–>Capacitor batteries: They where buffed, but does the cap resistance stack normaly, or is a fixed value. Does the resistance afect NPC,
particulary sleepers.

5–>Whats the state of meta in Ewar lately?.

6–> Poses where you can dock. What a time to be alive!. But that “Tea tottering” thing that they do when you are near, what does extactly do?.

7–>Battleship modules. Did they change BS from the clumsy piñatas that cant hit anything or can i ignore them completly.

8–>Api keys: where can i get my apis now?

so much to answer it would simply be a wall of text. I suggest you look for a corp with your general needs, get in comms and have some dialogue. I am not a recruiter but if you would be looking for a null sec home with pvp, indy , PI and moon mining , send an eve mail, will hook you up.
welcome back, I remember trying to adjust after a 2 year hiatus a while back.
the game has changed a lot

well, i was not looking for a comprehensive answer. Just pick a topic and post your feeling about it, tldr versions are ok. and i already have a corp, we are returning together.

in the 5 years since I have been back there have been so many changes that it is almost a new game. the move to Upwell structures and elimination of stations in null sec has been the most significant change. Moon mining instead of moon extraction also a major change.
there have been dozens of changes to jump ranges, fatigue and general cap movement so hard to know what will help you feel current , but carriers , jump freighters, and dreads all have different ranges. Makes cap fleet movement interesting.
I am an ewar pilot and I haven’t really noticed much change in playstyle or fittings in the last 4 years. just some minor tuning
command destroyers and assault frigates are popular because of the jump fields and speed and such, study up on those

no one understands the api change, more to come on that I am sure

alpha accounts can fly battleships now, they even gave everyone a free one )praxis)

I hope that helps some, welcome back to the game
if your corp is looking for a home, give a shout, can connect you to some good people

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1 hot drops do still happen. This was changes so carriers can’t cynic chain around the entire universe in 10 min
2 no not off grid boosts yay
3 depends on the situation
4 not entirely sure but they are very useful
5 ECM, damps, and nuets mainly
6 tethering makes them immune but still in space. They are bumpable
7 if your webbed your dead. Also look at stasis grapples
8 no idea

Thank you everybody for your aswers. Just one more question.

Do Jump bridges still exist?

yes to jump bridges, they are set up in chains for the larger alliances.

Nothing. Same blue-donut. Same created ‘content’ for F1-monkeys. Still unlimited wardecs for hisec griefing. Still same afk cloaking.

Nothing. Nothing is new.

  1. XML API has been removed for an web-based authentication ESI API.
    basically, the SERVER you connect has a private key, you ask HIM to connect, he redirects you to CCP login with your credential and memory of who sent you there, you accept the access, you are redirected back to the server, it then realizes who you are and store your long-term token. When it wants to access your ESI data, it uses its own internal key + the lt token to get a short-term token. Basically the couple serverkey - ltt is now what was the API - KEY before.
    While this may look complex , from a user perspective you just click on the “connect button” , you select the toon, you accept, and you’re done. Most tools should have been ported to ESI now, which offer a much higher rate of bugs than xml could afford.
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