Original player from 2004, left for an 8y break and am back. Ask me anything

I originally created my first character (RIP) in October 2004, not long after Eve became generally available. I played for a couple years then took a short 2y break, came back (with this character) and played again for a few years. I last left in 2010 and am just getting back.

Almost everything has changed. And I’m effectively re-learning the game mechanics, strategies, etc. But I have noticed that most of the original players who have never left have had their opinion of the history of the game morphed due to gradually accepting change over time. I however am still going through the “shock” phase.

So many new things, so many changed things… So, ask me anything about current state vs. old Eve and see how my memory and perception give a different opinion on seemingly simple topics.

EVE turned to ■■■■

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I have a “then versus now” question.

When you left no one cared, what makes you think we care now? :rofl:

See, some things have not changed :wink:


Well, from what I can tell when I left you were in middle school. And now that I have returned 8y later you just act like you are still there. :wink:


Here’s a question: How empty do you find EVE now compared to eight years ago?


Ah, thin skinned, I see why you keep leaving!

A good resipe for brussel sprouts?

What caused the big bang?

How many people can you fit in a Prius?

Where did all the phone booths go?

Drummers or guitarists?


The ones from England are in man caves, the others are in homeless camps.

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You’re really just here to reclaim your soul after being without it for 8 years.


You can try… you can try.

I use mine as a small greenhouse, because it would have gone through the floor of the man cave. Was an absolute pig to move, the buggers weigh 700+kg.

How’s the weather where you are?

Hey, either get back out while you still can, or tune in to opiate economics :slight_smile: Look on the bright side, CCP’s oldies finally overcame their old trauma’s by learning how to boil frogs.

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Whats it like in the real world, i haven’t been able to escape for too long to see :frowning:


Turn off all the things you can. It will be more playable.

Arthur, it’s vastly more populated. Back in 2004 when I stared you could actually go a week without seeing another player in 0.0. In 2010 when I left it was easy to AFK travel through low sec. Now days there may not be more peak players, but it seems there is more consistency in the amount of players active. There doesn’t appear to be an “off time”.

This is both good and bad. Good because content is always available, and bad because I can’t set my character to AFK travel at 1am like I used to (High-Sec GANK!!!).

Sovereign Citizen - Still cold and emotionless…

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Zachari - How true, there are things that have changed that are not really for the good of the game. And I imagine they got that way through small incremental steps over time. High-Sec was supposed to be a safe place, and Faction Warfare was supposed to bring some of the war there for the newbs and un-initiated to see what PVP looks like. However this rash of high sec suicide ganking is seemingly out of control and I can’t understand the acceptance of this by CCP considering they introduced changes in the mechanics that have allowed this.

Back in the old days if you got -10 sec status and tried to jump into a 1.0 system CONCORD raped you so hard you cried for a week. Now days you just buy one of those new items on the market that increase your sec status for 25mil isk and keep suicide ganking. Obviously CCP wants high sec suicide ganks but I don’t see how this is beneficial…

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Cypherous - the real world is more cruel than New Eden. Keep your head in the sand brother.

Nana Skalski - Explain. Turn off what things?

Internet spaceships are serious business

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