Original player from 2004, left for an 8y break and am back. Ask me anything

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Cypherous hahahahaha :slight_smile:

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(OBVIOUSLY the forums have changed as well and I need to adapt to this new style. I’m sorry and will get better quickly)

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Standings notifications for example. There is a lot more things I dont use tho. I find them annoying and not needed, I think I have most of notifications disabled, music, camera options, flashing and glowing UI elements in space, decoupled scanning and directional scanning windows and also few other things I dont remember now and dont even want to. Maybe there is a tutorial how to do it all, but you may like all of it tho, I dont know. Most of those novelties were distracting for me personally.

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Forums were changed because CCP devolved into only half of former self. Gradually. But sometimes with big purges. For example there is only two guys in community team now. Falcon and Guard. The rest knew what was coming tho… better to not trust CCP now.

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CCP is a business and as such need to do things that make business sense and may not always make sense to the gaming community. I’ve been in their situation before where a public face is hard to maintain when you have 30 people “speaking” for the company. It’s far easier to control the “message” when you only have 2 people representing the company. That doesn’t mean that the other 200 aren’t reading the forums and directing those 2 people where their attention is best served…

As for notifications I’m keeping most of them active for now because of the drastic changes to game mechanics over the last decade. It’s helpful for me to be alerted to what is of extreme importance at the time. These items may be second nature to you, but are sometimes a shock to me. I’ll eventually turn them off as I begin to re-learn the mechanics and rules of the game.

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Thats not it. they had to stop making tournament, its not EVE NT “job”. A lot of stuff is not maintained. Player Ads in billboards for example, lots of dead alliances ads there, you will stay for some time and see it yourself.

CCP removed also a lot of code from the game, and their servers. There were forums for other CCP games, also closed. They dont want to maintain stuff, only make new SKINs, something like 64 bit client, more gambling stuff and rewards for doing mundane tasks like loging in that people start to see as “Opiate economics”, they also make some terrible events experiments and adding more NPCs to the game in place of players is their sin too. Also caps are overpowered, 200 Stealth bombers have to deal 10 M hp damage to a Rorqual to take it down.

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Interesting, given that many posters on these forums seem to think EvE is a ghost town these days.

I actually approve of high-sec ganking, even though my money-making alt is a trader/hauler. High sec is still very safe, but you have to balance risk-reward, as I think you should. Nothing should be perfectly safe, except sitting in an NPC station.

I get my adrenaline rushes by flying Badgers deep into lo-sec. :grinning:

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lol, I remember travelling to 0.0 space and back to hi-sec in a shuttle warping to gate @ 15km. :slight_smile:

Things which allow hi sec ganking;

  • not scouting gates before you jump into system
  • Overloading the value of your cargo turning you into a target.
  • Ignoring Frog freight services
  • Ignoring what experienced players say about limiting loss
  • Not working within a team

As you can see all of what I wrote is about player choices and NOT about game mechanics or design. There is nothing CCP can do if people make it a point to completely ignore all of the points i typed above.

Do people complain about the mechanics of Chess and say “Why can I only move my Rook horizontally or vertically? I want my Rook to move in any direction!.” No they don’t because they respect the mechanics of the game. Why can we not have that same level of respect here in Eve?

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That’s either a lie or you have no idea what you are talking about. Anyone who played back then is well aware that highsec wasn’t a safe place, and thus wasn’t meant to be a safe place, otherwise the developers wouldn’t have let all the shenanigans happen for over a decade.

That’s not true either.

You’re a fraudster.

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They will stop playing chess against you as soon as they realise that they can’t win against you, which will inevitably happen because: Improving, as in: changing ones self to become better, isn’t an actual option for them. Unlike for you, who will learn to adapt to the opponent to increase your chances of winning.

When they are being attacked and killed by players, they are unable to understand that it was their fault (in most cases, at least). Instead it must be the game’s fault, or something was “unfair”, because in their minds they are unable to comprehend that they’re not actually perfect, special, or entitled to being isolated from experiences with others.

That’s what you get when a society centers on “individuality” instead of “community”, and no that doesn’t mean “communism”, it means “having a sense for those you live with, even in a big city”.

That’s what you get when you grow up in a society where everything continuously tells you to “be how you are”, “do what you want”, “you’re important and special”, “everyone’s equal” and “participation trophies”.

We can not have the same level of respect, because these people do not know respect. They do not respect the rules of chess, they simply accept them. As soon as they notice that they have no chance of winning, it turns “unfair” and “a bad game”.

The perceived unfairness comes from their inability to realise that they should be improving instead of blindly assuming that the other person can not possibly be better than them. The thought that the fault might be with them does not even cross their minds.

Respect is something that has to be taught through consequences.
Without actual consequences there will be no respect for anything.

It is observable that many people nowadays absolutely hate it when their decisions have unintended consequences.

Any questions?

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You’re a quitter. Your opinion is worthless.

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This game is not chess. Also its not 2004 to expect similar amount of players. Its 2018 and it should be at least two times what its now. Especially watching past amounts of players, from 2010 to 2014.

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Solstice…It isn’t that you couldn’t gank someone in high-sec back in the old days, it is that the risk was too great and you wouldn’t. Making isk was WAY harder than it is now. There weren’t level 4 missions even. No wormholes, no high sec battleship sized rats. There were only 3 ship classes (frig, cruiser, industrial, and battleship). I played for months without seeing a battleship. Getting a simple Apoc or Geddon back then was several weeks worth of work.

The mechanics still existed to where you could surely get a gankageddon (2004 term) and blap (we called it alpha) a industrial exiting a trading hub. But players were only hauling a MAX of 10,000m3 of cargo, and rarely back then did your cargo warrant the imminent destruction of a battleship by concord.

It would take months of training time to get a character capable of doing this and close to a month of play time just to afford to try it once…simply because isk was so much harder to come by. I remember CCP making a big deal about announcing the first eve billionaire. Now you can make a bil in a day.

Now I can train an alt in less than a day to use an attack battle cruiser and have the capability of high sec griefing players as they undock from trading hubs with almost no risk as I can fund this activity by my main with less than 1hr of playtime a day.

Things have changed a lot.

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Nana, I’m not lamenting the old days at all. I’m simply pointing out a stark difference between then and now that people don’t see because if you were around back then and still play you adapted over time and became accustomed via incremental change. Someone previously used the analogy of boiling a frog…that’s perfect. Most of the old timers were boiled by slowly turning the heat up. I was just dropped into boiling water and immediately noticed things were vastly different.

Most of the change is great. The content is phenomenal. It just so happened the first topic of discussion happened to be less positive.

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But I miss some things that were there, like CQ, jukebox, in game browser, stuff you may not even have used much. I miss the awesome ship redesigns, and texture overhauls that made the game look much better. I still think graphics should be improved, and a lot of ships redesigned.

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I’ll give you guys a good topic. Mission running. Back when Eve started missions were only Level 1-3. You didn’t really make much isk from them (as you don’t today if you run <lev3 missions).

We saw missions as mainly a way to learn the mechanics of the game, test fits, gain experience, and move on to more profitable ventures. The whole goal back then was moving to 0.0. It was the only place to make any money.

Now days you have probably a dozen or so different activities you can do across new eden that will allow you to make more than a billion isk a month. Many of these are extremely safe. That is cool. Running Lev4 missions in high sec is a profitable venture now and something that vastly improved the game. I know Lev4 missions aren’t new (I remember when they came out), but that’s the point. Most players probably assume they have always existed.

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Nana, I miss the in game browser too. I used it a LOT. That’s the one thing I had to go digging through the dev blogs to find out what happened to it. I agree with CCP’s analysis of the nature of browser updates and the fact that they couldn’t realistically keep a full featured browser up to date with all the security stuff that had to constantly be addressed.

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Lvl 4 are a low wage of EVE. You can make a lot more ratting in null, under umbrella of caps, in Delve. CCP must have think this is the best way to get players into null and they facilitate that by game mechanics, SP injections, PLEX sales. As you probably noticed. Game is a lot easier for everyone with money, if his target is to be a space bilionaire and a cap pilot with enormous amounts of HP and doomsdays, flying in blobs.

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Oh man, speaking of flying in blobs, I remember crashing server nodes. Back when CCP was just getting started the cluster didn’t scale well. It was fairly easy to gather a few hundred people in an unused 0.0 system to prep for a battle and totally crash a server node. That was actually a tactic at the time, to put a ton of alts in newb ships or shuttles in a system and log them out. Stage a battle there and in the middle of the battle safely log out your main fleet with the expensive ships and blob the system with the 2-300 alts crashing the node. Then log your mains back in all at once when the system came back up because you were prepared for it and kill the other fleet as they trickled in disoriented.