What do you miss about Eve that is now gone?

(Rekindle) #1

I’ve been playing this game since 2005 and have outlived, Eve wise, most of the developers involved with the game. I’ve paid the equal of a mortgage on a small cottage in my time. I honestly liked the direction of the game a decade ago much more than I do right now.

tldr the thing that keeps me in the game the most is not the game at all but the community! I hope the game lasts because I like the community. CCP needs to redefine their community for themselves. I think the community understands itself better than CCP does. CCP should invest in tools, features and services that benefit the community.

The current sterilization of the game along with all-in on F2p is concerning. I intend to be constructive in my opinion but lets take a look back…back…back…in time…time…time…to when Eve was better…better …better.

Pre-CSM Eve:
If I’m mistaken please correct me, but I struggle to find a feature or idea presented by the CSM in modern times that actually benefited individuals and players communities. CSM came up because someone stole some blue prints. I miss the days when CCP would think for themselves and didn’t just pander to the top 3 major factions. I get that those three factions is where your money is and the way you have your representation system set up, it will stay that way.

Travel in Eve

I remember when there were two jump bridges possible in a single system and I also remember an era with no jump fatigue. Big factions were playing with ships so CCP nerfed capital travel (probably a CSM idea). Probably the worst ever mechanic to ever get introduced: Jump fatigue. Its implementation is so very bottom heavy, affecting the smaller groups the worst. The game was so much less tedious prior to this crappy, crappy mechanic.

Pre-fozzie sov (sorta)

The old sov system wasn’t that great but Fozzie sov is terrible and has resulted in exactly what they tried to design against - stagnation. I have to imagine sov is flipping even less these days. At least with the old sov system and the old api i could read dot-lan and get an idea of what was going on in the universe.

Pre-upwell structure spam

Seeing stupid named structures in every single last system in the game is just a sad sign of the mudflation that’s occurred. The current batch of developers didn’t play Ultima Online so they didn’t get to see what happens when you allow spam-housing to enter your game. Separating the work flows of refining and production is just more tedium. I miss the content that came with POS and I think that spamming structures into enemy space is another lame tactic.

Passive game play

What are there so many bots out in the field? A lot of reasons…but has anyone ever considered the upsurge in botting when CCP started swipping at the passive incomes in the game. Moon mining and off grid boosting are examples of systems that were passive. Passive income now goes to factions who run upwell structures and collect the taxes (CSM again I’m convinced).

All and all this game was super amazing and worth talking about a decade ago. Today its been diluted and sterilized for “balance” and as their stats indicate. I put fourth that the lack of symmetry in Eve , designed on purpose in the beginning, is what really made it interesting. The developers today are running it like a business, fine…but over half the ship skill tree is defunct and there’s only so many different ways you can “mine” in a single sitting {roids, moongoo, entosis links = the same mechanic).

A game can be fair and non symmetrical!

Not only have you made some changes that really erode at the unique aspects of this game but you’ve done it in total lop sided ways. Rorqs are OP and need to have nerfs done to them. The VNI is making too much isk…but its perfectly fine to sit AFK in a cloaky ship for the entire duration of the up time cycle …because they are paying customers.

Things to make Eve better:

  1. Get rid of the CSM popularity contest

  2. Regroup your product on the idea you are providing a service to a community (not a game).

  3. Look for ways to make building and maintaining communities easier. You managed to screw up the in game map 3 times since 05 and have completely screwed up the chat system but you just can’t seem to fix any of the old clunky corp code or come up with a way to boot an AFK fleet commander in a fleet of 400 people.

  4. For the love of god enough skins / hats crate already!!

  5. You are building a SPACE game …add some SPACE elements. Do you know that the majority of stars in the universe are in binary pairs?

I hope we’re still here in 10 more years talking about how Eve was different.

(Foggy Bernstein) #2

It would be nice to get the cold, harsh, and dark part back.

(Dread Saboteur) #3

I miss the people.

(Rekindle) #4

I appreciate your opinion and won’t take away from it but thats one thing that Eve has going: Theres still some really good people in this community. Probably 2 for every idiot in the crowd.

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(Phoebe Obray) #5

Being able to influence the landscape with less than 50 people in your fleet, whom you all know on an individual basis.

(Tzar Sinak) #6

I miss exploration. That niche activity died with Odyssey.

(Mesacc) #7

I too started in 2005, right after the fall of SWG. What I miss most was that everyone was new. There were no high skilled vets lurking around every corner waiting to ruin your day. Sure the same D-baggery that happens now was allowed back then… but no one knew about it. No one knew the game inside and out, every little trick, every little exploit, every little advantage. No one knew how to Dr. Strange a fight and predict every possible outcome from every possible ship with every possible loadout. Almost everyone was on equal ground as far as how the game worked. All of the players I started with, most came here for the same reason I did, have been gone for 10+ years now. I know the new will never come back…but I can’t help but miss those days and the players I played with.

(Sasha Viderzei) #8

Is your aim getting better ?


(Salt Foambreaker) #9

MP3 player

(Rekindle) #10

oohhhhh man i forgot the mp3 player annd the ingame browser!

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(Salt Foambreaker) #11

I don’t miss the browser and I would not miss web links in game either.

(Crystal Liche) #12

The original punk clothing and accessories, the thorn choker was awesome!!

(Jayne Rayne) #13

As bad as it might sound, what I miss the most was pre-barge mining. I know it took tons of micromanaging, but the level of interaction was what I wanted. And that is why I now multi box.

Plus it would be way easier to find botters when a real person could only play a couple of miners instead of 20-30.

(Scoots Choco) #14

One of the things I miss most is instant Directional Scanning. I don’t remember when, but CCP changed it so that there’s now a 3 second cooldown between successive scans.

This makes hunting VNIs, Dominixes, and Rattlesnakes who are krabbing out in combat anomalies so difficult to scan down. When just 4-5 seconds of time can come between you landing on grid and getting point, or landing too late and seeing the target warp off, every second counts.

But with this dumb 3 second cooldown, it just makes it so much hard to find things with DSCAN.

(Rocket Hellfire) #15

The fun.
The content.
The fun.

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(DeMichael Crimson) #16

I mostly miss having ‘Specialized’ careers.

Lot’s of players had viable business ventures happening in-game. I’m talking about providing services in-game such as Exploration Bookmark Service, Industry Mining Service, R&D Blueprint Service, Manufacturing Service, Corp Formation Service, Structure Anchoring Service, Jump-clone Service, Salvaging Service, Standings Service, etc.

All of those ‘Specialized’ services have been made obsolete due to CCP turning the game into easy mode for instant gratification.

Also miss the Jukebox, In-game Browser, Evelopedia, Eve Gate and Captains Quarters.

(Buoytender Bob) #17

Keith Eaton in the help channel most of the time.

(NotTheSmartestCookie) #18

300m for a 60day gametime code

(Orlacc) #19

Smart people

(Natocha Daisy) #20

The fact that Eve exists.