What do you miss about Eve that is now gone?

The old clone system. Where you had to have standings to install a clone in an NPC station. Or you could temporarily join Estel Erador (can’t remember the spelling), and use their standings with all NPC corps to install your clones. But they were usually wardecced, so you had to watch yourself and not get careless.

Also, you could lose significant SP if you forgot to upgrade your clone.

Also miss the old Aura, and how she would laugh at you when got podded and woke up in a new clone and say, “Oh, you foolish pilot!” That’s when you knew you’re weren’t playing a cartoony kids MMO like the other ones.

And last, I miss the gambling sites, especially EVE Bet. Not CCP’s fault they had to eliminate them. But watching NHL hockey or World Cup futbol was so much more interesting when you had some ISK riding on the outcome.


I miss the old faces and names I’d see all the time, on the older Eve forums and in-game.


What do you miss about Eve that is now gone?
Captain’s quarters


The fun ways to mess with people.


People leapt to mind first, there are players whom I knew and liked who have drifted away. Second was the hope of new games tying into eve. The hope that walking in stations might lead to a whole new gameplay

I miss that hope.

Gambling, the world got too safe for us to bet game assets on things like a sport or the Alliance Tournament?

No I do not want classic eve back, today is better but I do miss hope and people

And risk



When Eve was hard and that your actions had consequences (tag4sec)


I miss the original Aura, the old gate sounds, and the Jukebox. In terms of audio, EVE has only gotten worse over the years.


True that old arty sounds were epic and sound in general is lower quality latest turrets fire animation is also step back in terms of visual quality
Missing jukebox,missing eve where lore mattered and was actively worked on,
Missing old Loki subsystems that were dropped due to skins,missing ship visual development and freedom that weren’t bound by skins, old forums ,ship auto orbit in station,ship light swivel when idle in space,
Would like to see old ship hulls piloted by NPC old Tempest etc roaming around so new blood can see some history in game.


The old friends that have come and gone. The game has remained much the same imo, even with all the changes, but its the people that really made the game great. Both the heros and villains contributed towards the greater game that is and always will be Eve.


Specifically, I miss features like the jukebox, the ingame borwser, the Captains’ Quarters. I miss some people too and how the old online status indicator would tell you that someone was back from a long elave.

But what I miss the most is hope for the future. EVE was going places and what would come next would be fresh and new (and maybe poorly conceived and surely terribly implented but oh well, ¡¡CCP¡¡). Incarna spoiled that and Rubicon finished it.

Now everything is a repeat of old concepts. In the past be POSes, now be upwell structures. In the past be Wormholes, now be abyssal pockets. In the past be Tech 3 ships, now be Triglavian ships. In the past be Sansha Incursions, now be Triglavian Invasions.

And each and every feature that comes contributes to the trickling of nullsec gameplay into the rest of the game. What isn’t relevant to nullsec is abandoned and elt to rot (Faction Warfare…?)

And there are no plans to change that.

EVE has become stale. More of the same forever except for Agent missions, God forbids to add new ones. EVE isn’t going anywhere as old features are brought back under a new guise.

EVE was to be something great.

Now EVE is meh.

I miss having hope, and I’m slowly coming to the point where I will miss caring about this game.

You can only bang your head on a wall… be upset about your defeat… weep over your lost hope… for so long.


Darn, I’m sad I missed that…
Do you have any other funny comments that Aura made back in the time, please ? The only time where we can hear her now is when we use the autopilot :expressionless:



Thank you !

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  • old nebulas (there was dark places and overall more realistic)
  • torp explosions
  • plex prices

The game lacks atmosphere now. Audio wise, content wise and player wise. Very sad.


Walking on stations?! :wink:


I miss:
some people that have moved on
proper expansions rather than balance passes and bug fixes
regular eve/scope videos
empty systems
ships without skins
excellent player narratives like Rooks and Kings Clarion Call
cheap plex
constellation and regional chat (and how I wished more people would use it)


Ow yea,the jukebox . What dumb reason did CCP give for that?


On-Grid Boosting