Feature requests. is it time to hire some voice actors

feature requests. is it time to hire some voice actors.
for at least the tutorial missions if money is a problem.

I wonder if mintchip is available?

I’d do it for a low price!

What a huge waste of time and money for no good reason. Not only that, in the NPE it would give the wrong impression that voice is the norm throughout the game, when it actually isn’t.


As the tutorial missions are meant to introduce to the EVE Universe and prepare a new pilot for what’s to come:

Reading is actually an applied skill in EVE. Those who dont read at all will fail, those who only wait for tl;dr never get the full picture of things and most often miss important parts of an entire game mechanic.

Almost every single information exists ingame if one would just read. As information and the deducted wisdom of it are actually part of the gameplay in terms of ‘having an advantage’ and ‘strategy’ i strongly vote against the OP’s request.


Meghan Markle is looking for work.

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I love the birds voice who says “A module is empty” etc.
She should speak more. Maybe tell you the weather of the system!! :slight_smile:

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why everyone post feature requests in wrong parts of the forum?



Unless it was Samuel L Jackson, I would say no.

thanks didn’t notice that. moved now

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The old Tutorial did.

Aura used to laugh at you for being podded. Good times…
track #24 (last on list)

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well if i wanted to read i would have gone to school got myself a nice education and a good job
instead i’m at home playing games and wasting my life away

A voice actor on the forums would be great.

I want to hear him say:

No, Go Away! :rofl:


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