I want voice acting in the game

I want voice acting in the game.

Get on comms and start acting!


Not what I’m talking about :joy:

Everyone that matters spends their lives inside a goo filled Pod. So the voices would either be computer simulated, or sound like “blub blub blub”. =)

Seriously though, the in-game lore is almost completely inconsequential. The players are the important part, and players talk plenty already.

Voice acting is generally expensive and hard to update.

It’s fine for a one off (like tutorials, epic arcs, generic radio chatter) but if you’re constantly updating features like we are in eve. You have to get voice actors in everytime you change the speech…and not just any voice actor, the same ones from the original speech if you can…or you have to re-record the whole thing.

Anyways. Really not easy to do for eve. Unless we get a text-to-speech software/hardware that is awesome.

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It’s not hard to have voice acting for NPCs. Couldn’t care less about it “being about the players.” There is a time and place for that, and this isn’t it. Not all NPCs are in a garggled goop. IN FACT, you deal with people not in garggled goop all the time. This is about polish, game crafting and world building.
In this day and age, voice acting is apart of game design 101.
This will draw in more players and raise retention.

Stephen Hawking and/or Cylons for Aura! Kosh for the revamped Scotty the Docking manager!

I can think of several better uses for CCP to spend their money rather than having voice acting in the game.

No you don’t :joy: You don’t think of New players or retention. You don’t know what’s best. You’re wrong. :kissing_heart:

CCPlease! When your ship gets blown up, you hear this:

or maybe this!:

RL ISK well spent, imo.

This is one of the worst responses I’ve ever seen on this forum, and that’s saying something.

Can you explain why you think I’m wrong?

You are RIGHT!!

We players have to provide the voice acting.

So when you pod kill a player you have to say something into your mic that they will hear, not be able to respond too and not be able to mute! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Cause I don’t give a ■■■■ about you :smirk:

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