Voice Simulated Mission Dialog (Vivid Audible NPCs)

So, this game still looks quite ‘by the times’, and the amount of content build up and the depth of it is still quite enjoyable by today’s standards. Thing that i seem to miss, in regards to comparing it with games of current times, is probably the voice acting. The game is remarkable ‘quite’ in NPC interaction, lots of reading basically…

So i wondered, with the ongoing advances in Voice Simulation, might there be some ‘off the shelve’ voice simulation, that can be integrated into the game to have it read mission dialog and as such have the game become more vivid in the audible sense. (Obviously with an option to turn it off)

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If you’ve ever played the “X” games, you’ve heard what game dialogue voiced by AI sounds like. It’s crap.

Here’s what sophisticated, advanced AI sounds like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S5t6K9iwcdw

No thanks, I’d rather read.

So… you don’t want it, thus it shouldn’t be in the game? … already said it should obviously come with the option to turn it off for those that do not like it.

No, I don’t want it because it’s half-assing development. EvE has enough half-assed development. Now if you’d just said they should have voice acting, I’d agree. I’d even agree if you’d said CCP should utilize players to do some voices. Have a voice over contest, winners get to do some voices. I won’t agree to half-assed development using robot speak.

You do realize the massive amount of quests that are in this game ? … not to mention that to do fairly decent voice acting you would actually need studio type equipment …

Getting an off the shelve voice simulator and having it generate the voices ‘possibly on the fly’ by setting the voice parameters per character in the NPC character sheet (could probably write some fairly simple code to generate different parameters for these and fill the database), would be a lot cheaper and a lot less hassle and done for the entire game.

Might be able to add some simulated radio static to the simulator, as to hide the short comings of the software.

there ain’t yet a single voice simulator havin’ emotional prosody implemented. Ya wouldn’t be happy hearin’ robots talkin’ and just “mixin’ it in” ‘s more work than just flat out recordin’ it all. Sorry mate.

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