Mission Agents and their improvement

Hello :slight_smile: I have an idea for the CCP team. My idea is for Mission Agents. You can use the engine from the “Personal file of the pilot”, which is on the left bar at the top with the photo of the pilot. The idea is for the Agent not to stand in a photo but to move in the window, which gives realism and individuality. He can also talk about the mission (voice) when the pilot opens the window also have settings with a drop-down menu where the pilot can turn off the sound or use it. And when you have enough powerful technology you can upgrade it to have a chat with the Agent in the drop-down menu to the mission of questions. If you are interested in this idea, please submit the topic for discussion by the pilots. I do not know English and it will be very painful for me to write on the forums. But you can do it, I only give the idea.The CCP told me that I had to ask the EVE pilots for their opinion.

This is complete nonsense.

Sorry but no. Keep it text based. There is no need for anything you mentioned

They will just bop around in repeating patters that most likely will glitch because CCP is bad at looping animations (see the new gas harvester animations). That doesn’t add to realism. They would have to have 100s of different animations which fit to the situation (like shuffling through files or scrolling on a datapad when they look up the info on a located character) for all the agents and different for the empires. That’s thousands of animations that will be repetitive after a while either way.


My idea is simple. The text for the mission to stay, only the portrait in the frame to move.

I found out thanks for the information

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