Feature Request - Please make all Agent interaction windows follow the same size and location pattern

I’m setting up my UI, and I noticed that every Career Agent has a separate window that needs to be resized and relocated to fit my UI. NBD, it’s only 5 agents. Then I went to another newbro system and had to do the same thing for those agents, even though they are essentially the same agents. I’m guessing that the more advanced agents will have different windows too.

So my feature request is to lump all of these windows into the same category so that when one is resized and relocated, they all follow the same pattern.

This also goes for the window that opens when the “Read Details” button under the question mark is clicked on the Agent Mission display. I’m having to move every one of those, and I think they should all be considered the same type of window.

@Thaane_Cawdor1 Can you make some screenshots and send me an imgur album? Evemail me is best and I’ll pass it on.

I sent the EVE mail. I don’t have an Imgur account, so made a short video instead:

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