What do you miss about Eve that is now gone?


Eve died for me with evechatter.

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One thing I do NOT miss - needing bookmarks to travel anywhere due jump-to 0km not being allowed …


oh yeah - I really miss the original voice of Aurora


Dont forget why the csm exist…walking in stations.

Ccp went in a random direction with no input at a time when eve was suffering serious problems. The csm was meant to let the players have input.


Old POS mining, that was like PI on steroids.


Neocom, How do I build a third party app?




The bloody wars. The ones not for content or even for evicting someone but the bloody wars of hate. The ones where people took the game too seriously and hated the other people…those are the fun wars, the ones where blood on both sides was spilled in massive quantities. People would try to take on bigger entities even if it meant losing a lot just because they hated them.


The jukebox and cheap PLEX.

Still think mining should get a total overhaul.


I miss

Old friends
Battlercruiser/Battleship meta of 2010-2012
Calvary Ravens
Cheap PLEX
prevalent small gang pvp
the scarcity of supers
waiting 6 months for an epic release
Torp explosion graphics
and again mostly old friends


Not that I play any more but the things I miss that are now gone:

Wormhole space as it was in the first couple of years - still somewhat unknown and more of a barren wasteland between the bits where people had scratched out an existence giving a good balance of danger and potential.

Rattlesnake/Gila as they were before the drone changes, etc.

The old Kronos with 90% webs - though I actually came to like the Bastion functionality I still wish they’d preserved the old marauders as well.

My old Thanatos with the massive capital changes around 2014 - one of the reasons I quit really as it felt like the loss of a character - I’d been dragging it around behind me for around 2 years or so using it for storage, support, PVE, emergency bailout, etc. and with the changes that was all gone.

Strategic cruisers as they used to be - sure in some cases a bit overpowered but they were fun, massive potential for innovation and actually worth putting some blinged up modules on which gave a bit of a goal to playing to be able to afford that, etc. and made them more interesting to kill because someone might have blinged their one out.

Things I don’t miss:

People complaining about AFK cloakies :wink:


Too hard cant code.


What I miss is the friends I used to play with who no longer play the game.


Hmm… My memory is a little hazy. Other than the usual “Warp drive active,” “Docking request accepted,” etc., I think you only heard Aura during the tutorial and clone activation. But the actor who did it did an excellent job at being a sultry/sexy/little edgy AI thing. Help me out with the info, oldbros.



Like some of the others have mentioned, obviously Aura, old friends, having to put in an effort to explore, even some of the older mechanics where people could bait you or even wardec the corp (don’t ship to ship pvp per se but the game seems to have lost some of that danger element about it).


What do I miss most?

Balls. <3

It took balls to play this game when I started. (08)

And its been to long to get them back in game…

I had THE most fun as a noob with no clue (almost) as to what we were doing! We were lucky enough to hook up with a few really good FC’s who by the time I could fire my 1st pew, had us in pvp. Next thing I know, were taking on all the big alliances on a rotating basis. I miss my hands shaking so bad after a battle that I had a hard time lighting a smoke or taking a drink of beer. I miss taking on a Goon hunter/killer group sent to kill us and manage to win the battle! (Player skill on the part of the FC’s, NOT player sp made the difference)

I miss the trust I had in those guys.

I miss the smack talk in Amarr.

I miss the challenge.


Nano ishtars!
Nano curse!
Well, nano ships… screw nano nerf
BoB (Band of Brothers)
Alliances wars, i still remember when MC steamrolled north, was a great blast


What do I miss?
I miss the “real” piracy. People playing the pirate, of capers and tales and stunts. Before the age of “we lured some noob to lowsec and ganked him LOL WELEET BOOOMHEADSHOT!”

I miss the feeling of space being “big”.

I miss the actual game. The days when people were “playing Eve” and looking to have fun and real lols, instead of this spergy “muh ISK/Stats” dystopia that is has become.


I remember the old Aura, and the first “Warp Drive Active” that felt very fast.

Now? Aura sounds like a Brooklyn girl trying to hide her accent and subtly failing at it.


I too miss the people the most. Of the small group of rl friends I started eve with, only I remain in eve years later. I miss playing eve with them and all the fun we had. I miss seeing some people in local and on forums, both friend and foe.

Still enjoying eve, just not as much as at one time.