What do you miss about Eve that is now gone?

I miss:

  • not having to be mutual contacts with someone to see when they’re online
  • The general anxiety inducing feeling of flying anywhere in Eve, be it high, low, null or WH space. (Just doesn’t have that same fear inducing feeling anymore)
  • constant fighting in low sec (pretty much dead, save for FW [which is also broken AF])
  • My RL friends still playing
  • NOT having skill injectors

I could go on and on but that would be very bitter vet of me.


I miss … the opportunities and challenges to beat things truly solo. Have done all there is in the solo niche.


Learning skills!



External email
Agents harsh talk
Old Aurra
No plex & injectors in the market
More enphasis on other careers


One area I will agree to disagree with you folks is on the community aspect. I really set off just to Rekindle some thoughts on some old days but if you are feeling like you are lacking community look me up in game, send me a note…I can help.

Its ok to discuss and reflect but ultimately know I love this game and will be here in a decade, sitting on my rocking chair, telling some younger version of myself how it is.

press “F” for those those that we lost, but look around you, good people are all around if you open your eyes.


The emerging pattern here is “people”.

Players are what we miss the most. I see another thread in these forums about nobody talking in local any more. But who can blame them? They are bots - well maybe most of them or some, who knows. But talking in local can get you harassed or decced.

Even if there is talk in local, it’s usually insulting smack and occasional references to some criminal activity that some “enemy” did.

The problem is people. The game itself looks better than it ever has. The additions to the game, had they happened say around 2008-2011 time frame, would have been epic instead of meh. All we have had were bad examples of how rotten people are.

When I started it was impossible to go more than a few weeks without making new friends. There was always bantz and fun. Before anybody thinks I’m singing Kumbaya here, keep in mind we still shot each other often back then. There just wasn’t this spergy mental disorder about the whole affair. And if you are thinking on one side of the matter: grrrr carebears or grrr gankers, then you are part of the problem.

People have become the problem. People are degenerating. The game has improved vastly, but it’s pearls before swine now. Almost every post here is how people miss their friends, miss their fleets, miss making friends, and having known them: fellow players who had lives, depth, and were characters themselves, even if they were not role-playing.

Now it’s all silent names in local. Without a word. Like names on gravestones. But it’s not really the game that died.
We did.


You’re right. I’m going to make an effort to talk in local from now on. I will suppress the voice in my head yelling at me “You fool! What are you doing talking in local?1 You’re giving out easy intel!” We need to be more social.


Godspeed Eve bro


There used to be a jukebox?


Erotica 1


Yes there was. Could pick, play and shuffle any all tracks of ingame music, and also your own tracks. It was eventually CCP’ed and replaced with a system that greatly undervalued game music and had to be “fixed” by allowing an option to play the original music list in order. No shuffling and certainly no way to pick a specific track. EVE music has never been the same. :woman_shrugging:


I miss the the old ways… the old people… when the game was interesting. Before the game catered to those that probably should have been playing a different game.

Sure, there have always been broken mechanics in eve but CCP has always focused on the wrong issues. Still, to this day, broken mechanics that existed when I started are still there.

I agree with the OP in the point that CCP should be focusing on the game as a community. There were strong communities in this game at one point. I miss this. Now, it’s just a shell of what it used to be.

sad, really. :frowning:


I miss Ero…

Try the Wardec Project if you are looking for refugees: https://discord.gg/vkVNHmZ

But yes, CCP has made some strange decision and spent years neglecting and even deleting game systems whole communities sprang up around. I guess they were hoping to either grow the larger ones by focusing on them, or build new ones, but neither seems to have worked very well. New mechanics seem half hearted, or not geared to social play at all (see: Abyssal Space, at least so far), and even the mainstream gameplay in nullsec has stagnated at this point.

But as to the OP, what do I miss? I miss the sense of meaning the most. CCP’s direction to make everyone a winner, chronic neglect of the economy, and understaffing Team Security has removed much of the meaning to do anything in this game. Eve just isn’t a very interesting game when assets, and thus your actions, are near worthless.

Next most is the activity and life that used to teem throughout highsec. Whether the this is a result of CCPs neglect or something more prosaic like high PLEX prices, it’s sad to see how lifeless highsec has become. Not a good impression for a new player or a returning vet.

Let’s hope this next expansion, and the promise of an Invasion burning highsec to the ground, will improve things. I doubt it could make things worse.


5 years developing content aimed to people who is, was or will be nullseccer have taken a toll on everybody else. I’m planning to log in and check my old playgrounds as I did last May, and I’m a little worried of what might I see -or not see.

CCP focused development on what a little people enjoyed a lot, and that has hurt what a lot of people enjoyed a little. Maybe now there’s twice as many nullseccers as in 2013, but if the cost it’s been to have half the highseccers that’s a disaster. Because each one of them, no matter where they play, is worth exactly the same: 15 monies a month (or less, because F2P).


There is actually so much new stuff that I almost forgot what the game was really like. Though I do miss CQ … dunno why


I miss the 2 day server downtime! :rofl:


I miss MOo and the can spamming at the gates, I hated it… but memories :smiley:


But CCP never listened

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Using the buddy online notification system with locator agents to find where and when a player is online to hunt down. Removing the buddy online notification made 3rd party bounties no longer viable as a business.