Anything left to burn?

I swear I’m asking for a friend :wink:

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I think there are still Moonpire depots left in Perimeter. Thanks in advance.

Hi Purple,
Nah, the piggies are all building out of concrete these days… new government code doesn’t allow wood or straw.

You can still huff and puff if you like, but it’s not like the old days.

I biomassed a while back to try to force myself to stop coming back. Every update is a nerf to the conflict this game used to represent.

I came back recently to see if anything changed and heard they’re going to revamp war decs. My suspicion is that’ll be as cool as the rest of the changes we’ve seen over the years. I still feel some hope, but in the current state of the game it remains unplayable to me.

I did the new player experience as a noob when I made this character. It’s now laughably easy, there is no reason i can see to work with anyone, and I haven’t actually seen any strife or fleets since I rejoined.

I have a venture now that requires about 6 clicks to make 700k in ore though… (per 15 minute cycle). I haven’t figured out what you’re supposed to do for the other 14.9 minutes.

I guess it’s not a fast twitch activity. Hope you find something to burn down that’s not fully fire proof.

I recommend Vox Machinea.



Hey Mo, it would be more work to biomass all the different personalities I created. I usually uninstall and come and be a new player every once in a while to see how things go. Every time is more and more… disappointing? Had a fun contract offer recently and was just giving it some thought.

It sounds like the game might not be fun for you anymore… Why not try something else, in lieu of making Forum posts hoping someone will stir up some drama for you?


Greetings and Salutations Mr. Robot!

It is more of searching and grasping for that lovely nostalgia. Hoping a few of the interesting members of the community were still around. Most of the folks I enjoyed seem to linger on the forums more than they do in game now.

Lord Purple,

It’s safe to say that outside of James doing what James does, the vast, vast majority of the really “dedicated” Beligerant Undesirable types hung up their spurs.

Every so often, someone will claim a renaissance of shennanigans, but it never seems to stick.

At the risk of sounding snarky, MMOs were always an anti-social affair by and large. Being part of an organization that thrived off of the idea of pissing other players off would really only serve to compound that…

It would seem nostalgia is what you have left.

That, and endless repetitive threads about nostalgic butt-holery.

In fairness, I’m not criticizing you entirely. I miss my YT-2400… And that’s never coming back either.

Maybe go check with James.


That is a fantastic response my friend!

I sadly have not heard from many of the folks in a long time. Monk seems happier from our sparse communications though so that is pleasant. I agree from the few attempts I have seen nothing has stuck and everyone has given up or set aside their “style” of play.

Nostalgia is a terrible but fun thing and can sometimes be all the spark that is needed.
In my defense I usually only post a nostalgic thread when some person or group tries to drag me back in. I should really go all in or let the dream die once ay?

That depends. Is the spark of nostalgia worth seeing what has become of things now?

A long time ago, I saw the Darkwing Duck cartoon series on DVD. When I was a little kid, I loved this show. So naturally I picked it up. I managed to watch about five minutes of the first episode before I shut it off and put it back in the DVD case, never to be touched again. I couldn’t do anymore.

Times change. The gankers complain that the game has been changed to disenfranchise them. The Care Bears complain that they don’t want to log in and be blown up just to please the gankers. CCP changes things.

Both groups stop logging in.

Each group blames the other, and then starts complaining all around again.

But on the forums… People will keep logging in to start the fight over and over and over again. That’s pretty much the game now.

I don’t know why B.U. decided to stop… But with them gone, and their contemporaries gone, and their descendants gone…

Are you sure the endorphins of nostalgia are worth the disappointment of the ruins?

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You are right that I’m no longer enjoying the game and I biomassed my main.

It wasn’t bringing out the best in me anyways…

Ironically, your contrarianism makes you one of us, in a way. I was an anti-pirate once myself… it lead me down the road to… piracy.

And for a while, guys like us… within the context of this game… were pirates, a feature and a garden of content in our own right.

I think now we are like Mario, Bowser, or Donkey Kong, obsolete game characters nobody loves or hates anymore. I do miss it, it was amazing content that a computer can not replicate.

The new eve is harmonious. I honestly hope it works out for CCP. I think they accidentally created the greatest PvP game ever devised and then took it apart because they didn’t understand it.

I was serious about discussing mechanics with you if you like. I’ve got discord and, at one time, some people thought I was pretty good at shooting stuffs. I think I remember bits of how to do it.


Oh, and I think it’s hard to blame the current state of eve on my generation of delinquents.

We all quit in 2012 after the retribution patch.

The stuff that happened after that was from a different breed of player who’s actions where somewhere between a protest and “all I have left is this is this stick so I’m going to be an ass with it”.

Think a Petri dish that’s killed to the 95% level over and over with different doses of different antibiotics. Eventually… you’ve got a nasty hardened result…

In my generation, piracy was the game and we simply played it.

I caught the tail end of BU right as things were fizzling out. I still hangout there and chat from time to time, but it’s mostly bitter ramblings. It was the stories of Monk, Cannibal Kane, Feyd, and many others that drove me down the path I’ve taken and I’m trying to do right by them by attempting to be a voice.

The elements of the game that allow for grand storytelling through the eyes of a villain are becoming more and more scarce as the general population of the game demands safety.

I don’t have much hope for CCPs redesign of War Decs when CCP uses words like “fair” and “fun” to describe their goals. I may be all doom and gloomy but I just can’t help but think that their vision of a “fair” and “fun for all sides” war system will lack the meaningful effects that this game used to boast. I do understand that meaningful and lasting negative impacts on players probably isn’t the experience that most are in search of when they fire up the game and maybe it’s all of our fault in being the guy that makes the game unfun for someone else…

To be honest I think Wormholes are the last place where you could have a game experience that is most similar to what most of “our kind of player” desire.

Tears!! Tears everywhere!!!

Yes I agree it’s sad that soon all that will be left to do is for everyone to hold hands. This isn’t even just about Highsec, but about CCPs clear view and vision on how players should and shouldn’t interact with another.

There are still some things left to burn, Don.

I just came back for a little while because I heard that CCP is about to “fix” wardecs, and I wanted to get a few in for the sake of nostalgia before it happens.

But these latter day wardecs aren’t even really doing it for me.

I am having some fun just joining random corporations and trying to figure out creative ways to ■■■■ with them. The formula seems to be to lure their expensive ■■■■ into a wormhole or lowsec to kill it, then steal everything not nailed down, then move on. This is actually working pretty well for me.

The Belligerent Undesirables channel seems to be dead, maybe 10 people in there not saying anything to each other. Ninja Dojo is pretty much just me and 2 other old guys who are still killing it in the mission hubs. I am the last lonely ninja still in the Suddenly Ransom Channel. It very much feels like the end of things for our kind of player, but I’m still having some fun.

I really like you as a poster. But I must respectfully disagree on this. I don’t necessarily believe that the general population of the game is demanding safety.

I think it is rather than the general population of the game all want to be gankers, and nobody wants to take their turn logging in to be the helpless fodder. That’s really kind of the Crux of it isn’t it? In a universe where you have the option to “Be the villain”… Why would anybody choose to be anything else? And without anything else… There is nothing.
And from what I like to tell myself is an objective Viewpoint, there really is no gameplay option to avoid having 50 Catalyst land on you at the same time. Not that I think there should be… But again, why should anyone login to deal with that?

I’ve literally never been ganked. In fact, with the exception of some grand standing I did for a bunch of noobs that caused the destruction of some mining bots… I’ve never even seen a gank.

I had a LOT of hours in this game. In fact, Loyalanon, who eventually became someone in the gank community, used to be in a little wardec Corp in Norvoukaiken that used to come fight in my system every couple weeks.

I don’t know how common it is now, but in my day it was downright unusual… because of can flipping and a few other mechanics for picking fights are so much more fun.

Nobody is fodder for flippers without choosing to be. You opt in to the process… and there are literally dozens of ways to opt out.

I never took to ganking because it’s not a challenge.

I was ok with a wardec nerf… but the changes they made were destined to make the problem worse instead of better. I knew how it would work out and posted so back in 2012. Anyone who ever Merced for war decs knows the bill. I knew everyone would pool together into a colossus to afford decs… it was inevitable.

The point isn’t that we want fodder. The new game is way less friendly for carebears too. We were content you could just avoid. Now the content is gone, the pipeline is being denied by the greatest force in eve history, T1 and T2 ships are nearly irrelevant, and gankers are randomly killing you whether you’re being reasonable or not. Noobs don’t even get to dabble in PvP, they just either get senselessly ganked or they fight a nearly unstoppable wall of high grade mercs they can’t hope to beat…

Worse for everyone.


There are certainly a shitload of lazy, AFK people who could be doing a lot more to avoid their own destruction.

I think part of the problem, and this does not extend to everyone making their Eve living off of ganking, is that it doesn’t just stop with the explosion of your pod.

The people being ganked were reacting horribly, abusively about it, Angry in their extreme impotence. And the people doing the ganking were all too happy to laugh it up, and started working in ways to sort of needle that response out of people.

You always hear the stories about the new Bro who was out doing whatever they were doing, who got blown up, and reacted well to it. You hear the stories about how the ganker decided to take the new Bro under his or her wing, and everything turned out great.

I sometimes wonder how common that really was. The stories about how the aggressor is the one who determines whether or not the relationship goes anywhere positive. Not saying that the aggressed didn’t have a reputation for out and out spergery.

I actually really enjoy talking to some of the gankers on this board. I think I’mAWreckYou is one of the more fascinating people to talk to, because there are always two sides to things. I couldn’t seem to make it work for me in game, at least not by myself. I have only what I have read from various different things on the internet to go by.

I enjoy reading both sides of the issue.

I can’t argue that a guy who is given a venture, flies to a belt, turns it on, and starts a 15 minute afk cycle is lazy.

That how the ship is designed to be used. He is just playing in the fashion the game is compelling him to play. It’s not his fault.

Ganking in the form of cODE developed after Retribution 2012…

In my opinion, it’s inferior content that is only done because flipping and small decs aren’t available in a reasonable fashion anymore.

Everyone I knew Had already quit. The vast majority of us villains had no interest in a life of ganking. The war dec prices were already forcing the consolidation of every merc in high sec.

The 6 corps of about 3 people each that lived in umokka, were part of the community, knew the carebears and fighters alike, and were as prone to defending as attacking… started fading away.

My point isn’t just that I want to blast people. It’s that the good parts of blasting people are gone and it’s hurting the noobs, it’s hurting the game, and that I don’t think anyone at CCP gets it.


James 315 would agree with you in that assessment. It seems so long ago, but he originally started bumping miners, not just because it is hilarious, which it is, but because he was trying to protest against the loss of things like canflipping and small wardecs.

Of course the whole CODE. thing took on a life of its own after that, different personalities came along and influenced it in their own ways, some bad some good, and additional nerfs took their toll as well, until we got where we are today and the whole thing is almost unrecognizable to those of us who were there in the early days.

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