What was the last big development and joy for you in EvE?

What was the last exciting game content for you in EvE, if we may know ?

Do more exciting things than red dots, 0.01/Escrow trading changes, the Coms Blackout, the Hypernet, PvE invasion, PvE Mining rats, Moon Mining, the Alpha Clones, Citadels/Keepstar`s or Ship Skins come to your mind ? Do you love any of those mentioned things ? Do they make you keen to login and get excited more or less often ? Its not a complete list of past implementations, please feel free to list the things I missed and which you perhaps also really like.

My last big thing in EvE was the integration of wormholes in 2009, funny enough I still have not yet seen one in the game as I never felt in the mood to explore wormhole game play without some other big feature(s) tied into WH`s. I did a long break from EvE just before the wormhole update.

Wormholes would be a thing that could someday interest me, maybe in some future years.
Maybe I never got into wormholes because I see so many 0.0 system empty, with no one in local.
I like to be within public population in the game, kind of spending most time in a wormhole I perhaps would feel to remote…But I heard from players that I can be cool and an interesting playstyle.

I still love EvE, but I feel that entering the game 10 years ago or 10 years from now in the future wouldnt be much of a difference.

BTW whats with the ongoing broken ingame chat channel reconnect since ages and that the autopilot is sometimes, very seldom, buggy ?
Every 150-300 jumps on autopilot since a few months I have a ship with active AP standing a footlong from a gate and there is no requester text box dialog warning for the autopilot attempt to enter the jump gate. It seems to be that a ship or pod gets stuck at the gate and the server doesn’t process the jump anymore. I then have to move that pod or ship for a fraction of a second manually and then the ship/pod jumps and the autopilot works again and jumps through the gate.

What was you last big patch impact in EvE,
your last fond memory of something really and big in the game ?

Do you expect one more big feature in the EvE game, before the year 2030 ?

And what exactly would you like to see as one big new feature in the game, some idea of yours which would get your very excited?


Most(All?) the last Team Talos patches, including tiericide.

  • Warp speed increase was long due(sad for the angels),
  • medium AC needed a buff,
  • HM did not (torps need more, they need their precision to be better than cruise just the way any other long-range turret has lower precision than the short-range version) but still good,
  • howling ceptors … I don’t have an opinion(I’m sad for the AF but well…maybe they were indeed too strong),
  • and boosh nerf was also long due.

I mean, that makes the game much more smooth, balanced, and actually enjoyable if you don’t follow the “meta trend” and try to make your own way, which allows for more choices and a really complex game. It means many choices are viable, without having to get the knowledge of “what is the perfect way to play with your skills” (=metaste of the day).

ATM IMO there is too many gilas but I would not nerf them. IMO slightly buffing the other choices is better, because gilas are not really OP, just slightly better than the average.


Thank you very much for your constructive feedback.
I hope some others post their feelings, views and ideas and that the thread doesnt promptly end in an insult battle between possible thread participants.

Fly safe !

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As an industrialist, moon mining in hisec was a big thing, but I’ve come to realise it was a big mistake. I hope the upcoming redistribution is done correctly and rewards effort properly.

Right now I am starting wormhole delving, I did a few trial runs when I was new and shiny but am only now getting round to giving it a proper go.

All in all I’m pretty happy with my own set of goals, I’m my own content provider, so all good atm.

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I forgot to say, the new filaments and the abyssals, they are a trend into “get a ship, have fun in an hour” that was also long overdue.
Before you needed to roam for like 2h before you could enjoy a fight (including preparation, mapping, etc)
Now, get your kitchen sink, burn a filament, die, rinse and repeat. You win nothing, but you don’t care. Enjoy. The time-to-action had always been an issue in the game, I think this is a correct way to address it.

This is related to the increased WH connections BTW.

I mean, many things have been much better : asset safety means you won’t lose everything if you lose your system, which makes the game much more of an enjoyment than a requirement. On the other side, it’s much easier to find content, CCP tried some experiment with blackout, I can see they are balancing the activity in an interesting way.

Also mineral distribution change, it’s obvious CCP is really shaking things, not THAT hard but, with that relist fee you can see they have changed their model of the game, in a way that could lead to nice things. Now they are making the game more complex, with more effect on the choices, eg mining in NS will create different minerals than in HS, maybe even different minerals according to the region ?

BTW I forgot : VNI nerf was… well , long due, but not sure if really that important. I mean, making anoms more interesting would improve the game more, but nothing allows me to say they did not so …

It’s a LOT of “small” things that actually changed the game a LOT. Not even talking about incursions/invasions…


I really like your phrase “I’m my own content provider”. Some say EvE is a lot of freedom and possibilities, others miss guidance and more defined and streamlined career paths.

Once I started moon mining/reactions, I noticed that it can get very complex. As I spend my time with 10000 active long term trade orders and a tiny bit of industry, I made this personal time allocation decision for me and stopped Moon Mining and POS stuff. BTW I think on a million market transactions or so I adjusted a price something like 5 times, for fun .

I must admit that I also never got in to factional warfare, maybe I have to use some of the options which EvE offers. They are there for me and everyone since long time.

Ah, the filaments. Shame on me - Altough I traded them up to be valuable for short time sometime in the past, triggering lots of game bots going wild from the credit card mafia…I still have a gazillion of them laying around. Never used one once ! Perhaps I love trading too much ``

I love the recent Ore change and this new tendency approach of CCP to shake everything up with unexpected things happening :smiley: Some hate it, I love these kind of surprises.
Its like a virus coming along and disrupting the flowing money stream of players.
Teribble fate for people, but new opportunies for startups and fresh faces. IMHO in EvE people got too used to their years of money flowing in to pockets, with whatever players do in EvE. A little earthquake every now and then wakes people up and one needs to adapt or sink and whine.

I think what I really miss is this “Ohhh, damn awesome. Ohhh thats coming to the game, xyc will be amazing”. Maybe its also all these little additions, like the CCP escape-frigate-in-a-battleship stuff and such which then adds to a bigger picture over time.

I just miss this shock and awe new thing coming to EvE, which gets the majority of players very excited.

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Cheers for that.

I stopped mining/building some time ago, it made me a small nestegg of isk so I can just go do what I want now. But even back then I realised it was important to diversify your gameplay. I do all sorts of things now, if I spot an opportunity I’m all set to make the best of it if I can, jspace was a big glaring hole (ha!) in that so I’m investigating now.

In the background I’m working on a long term project which has kept me interested for nearly 2 years now, the interim benefits have been good, so providing CCP doesn’t hypernerf all my planning and set-up then I’m looking forward to the next year.

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As Anderson said, some of the recent small changes were okay. Not what I’d call exciting. I did like some of the Triglavian stuff at times.

Wormholes, I liked PI when it was introduced because I thought it would become something more interactive, Incursion in 2010 was good. Crimewatch in 2012 and Crimewatch 2.0 in 2013 had potential to make things interesting (bounties etc.) but the mucked it up.

I liked the various ‘new ship types’ additions when they came out, but most of those eventually turned out to be problematic. I don’t think I’ve seen much since 2013 that didn’t count as ‘fiddling with stuff’ rather than ‘new content’ (except Triglavs).

So, more content that looked exciting when released, yet proved to be not-so-much when implemented or when they never followed up on it to fill it out.

(I don’t normally forum-crawl, too much work to do, too many games to play. Just came in to check more info on the market changes and look around.)

The 3 minute warp timer, the Angency ice belt section and Orca ice mining.:grin:

Everything Eve has to offer

I liked the industrial interface changes when they were implemented years back but didnt like the cost index associated with it although understand why they did it.

I hate the constant push on skins, it just seems that that is the bulk of what they do now.

I mostly liked the PI changes, they could be better but certainly a ton better than they were.

Well, we really haven’t been getting a lot of Jesus features. Instead, progress seems to be mostly being made in smaller steps. However, I do think progress is being made. Sometimes CCP might take a step back or two in certain areas, but I honestly believe that the game is getting better overall.

In 2019, for example, we got the 64bit client, war dec rework, multiple skilling sprees, trig invasions, more trig ships, shareable bookmarks, and a billion other balance tweaks, bug fixes, and quality of life improvements.

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Tactical destroyers. Great ships.

Ameliorated by the appallingly lousy special events of the past two years.

Trinity in 2008. Since then, not so much sadly…

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The mining ledger.

In 12 years playing before that as a pvper I’d never mined much, but that got me interested in a bit of the game I hadn’t tried (no joke!).

Before that it was the tier 3 BCs - Talos etc

Good catch, these are awesome.

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You could join a wormhole corp that PVP’s through their static lowsec connection. Living in a wormhole does wonders for probe and dscan practice. I guess nowadays you can set J-space citadels as medical clone home station, which would make the lifestyle a lot less ironman.

I’ll keep an eye out for that stuck autopilot bug and “fix” it.

The relist discount fee excites me more than any recent content since skins. I think it’s probably the highest impact change since addition of the skill queue. By punishing poor pricing decisions CCP has added a trap to the market that will frustrate some players to the point of quitting the market. I expect the change to be more disruptive than most Second Decade game design decisions, and I applaud it because markets thrive on disruption.

Looking forward to the next year’s economic reports, what with “relist fee”, “no veldspar/spodumain in null”, “no asteroid ore in moons” all landing within a four month window

edit: see also other stuff I’ve liked recently Thanks CCP for these long term improvements

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There is some really nice posts in this thread, thank you.
I hope there will be something interesting new launched in EvE this year
which will cause fresh excitement for the players :slight_smile:

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Thera and the addition of shattered wormholes is the last big thing added into the game that had me excited.

Thera still makes it possible to roam easily, and supplemented with the filaments, they are fun. Particularly early on after Thera was added, the pvp activity in and around it was great.

Similarly, the shattered holes, by not providing for people to anchor structures in them, make for reasonably fun and at times unpredictable PVE. Particularly with the smaller ship limitations, we’ve ended up having a lot of fun in shattered holes, both dropping in on others, and being visited while running sites.

That’s quite a while ago now (2014). I wish there would be more truly expansive additions to the game.

Sisters of EVE ship additions have been good, as are the Triglavian ships.

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Frigate wormholes.