Been self isolating from Eve / CCP for roughly the last 8 months+

Been self isolating from Eve / CCP for roughly the last 8 months+ since the sell out to Black Pearl which kind of sold the old ethos of the original game and the core community up the spout. It’s been a while since I’ve looked at concurrent numbers or logged on these days. Negative feedback about red dots just seems like more new stuff rolled out without proper community feedback - seems like the current CCP trend for the last 3 years or so; head against wall stuff - (really don’t understand how new patch content makes it to live game without anybody in ccp taking on board those who contribute to the test server and the opinions of the community / feedback) - really sad times - genuinely loved this game, the community - the way has been lost however, old news I guess


There are still around 23,000 concurrent players most days.

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Most of the old bugs are still in the game. You should come back. Black Pearl is mostly focusing on vanity items.

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and? When I first started playing this game I was amazed when I started to read into all the things that made eve great - all that has now been stripped out for corporate gain and it’s free sp, kandy krush theme park - have no qualms saying that hilmar has taken the game from 65k concurrent to the numbers now - is the game in a better place, no


Amarr just aint the same withoutcha. Come back and ride it out with us, one way or the other.

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I liked the red dot. People made such a big deal about it though

Loyal 2005 pilot. I used to eat sleep drink breath eve. In my opinion they dont need us and they dont’t give a rats ass about how eve used to be.

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Those are accounts/characters online, not 23,000 individual players


Dev1: “All this feedback is telling us our designs are bad. What can we do?”
Dev2: “Where are they getting the knowledge from?”
Dev1: “The Test Server. They try it before we release to TQ”
Dev2: “Well then, cut access to Singularity”
Dev1: “Genius”

Yeah, access to the test server has been a bit sketchy and restricted a lately.


I’ve called myself either an introverted recluse or a reclusive introvert. Now my lifestyle has a new definition: socially distant. T-shirt suggestion: “I was social distancing before social distancing was cool”.

Anyway, I can relate to the OP, and also miss her when I spend some time in Amarr. Recent market changes are draconian in their effect, just to quash a bunch of bots in Jita. Hey, CCP, why screw traders everywhere when the problem is primarily located in a single trade hub?

I’m going to watch some YouTube videos on hoarders, and pattern my EVE response to the market dung accordingly. Like BoomBoom, the thrill is gone, baby.


I like your Tshirt phrase idea :hugs:
BTW Can you perhaps shine light on which changes in market merchanics feel draconian for you ?
Wishing you all the best :robot:

For a second I thought this was going to be corona virus related.

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l’ve got a ‘Thurifer’ Cap Battery up for sale for just under 500m in Amarr. The broker cost to adjust the price is almost 5m. I’ve adjusted the price 3 times, costing 15m. How stupid is that? That’s after I trained Advanced Broker Relations to IV. I call that draconian. If CCP doesn’t want traders to compete with each other in a non-violent PvP fashion by undercutting by .01 Isk, then they’ve achieved their goal. To hell with the market.


who cares what you think?

contract your stuff to someone ales and go play WoW


I stopped late summer, i thought “let’s see what CCP wants to do with EVE, what will be the new direction, future, etc…”.
Seems they still don’t know…

Players are more likely to pipe up when they don’t like something, and more likely to stay in game playing when they do like something. It’s called selection bias. So, of course you’re going to see a lot of complaining if you sit around reading the forums or Reddit. Especially considering people might only voice their support for something once, while angry people will keep on bringing up the same complaints. In fact, I’m surprised I haven’t seen a red dot yet in this thread.

Anyway, I believe the current state of Eve to be a mixed bag. CCP has made some really good improvements over the years, but I also feel like they’ve made some mistakes in other areas. Overall, however, I still believe that CCP is taking this game in a positive direction (even if they do sometimes appear to be moving slowly). For example, in the past year or so, the things I have personally liked have included (feel free to disagree, as I’m sure many of you will):

  • Needlejack filaments
  • Shareable bookmarks
  • the 64bit client
  • New Triglavian Ships (Ikitursa 4 life… or until it gets nerfed)
  • Triglavian Invasions
  • Skilling Sprees and Login Campaigns
  • The War Deck Rework
  • Team Talos
  • Faster Warp Speeds (I have mixed feelings about this -it personally benefits me, but I’m not sure that it’s good for game balance).
  • Capital Balance Improvements
  • Resource Scarcity
  • Hypernet Relay

Not to mention all the balance tweaks and bug fixes that are too numerous to list.

As for monetization, I’m opposed to CCP selling SP directly to players in starter packs. I have mixed feelings concerning Plex and Skill Injectors (which predate the Pearl Abyss acquisition), and support cosmetics and the hypernet relay. Oh, they did introduce some lootbox like mechanics during GG 2019, but players complained and we haven’t seen anything like it since.

So, once again, I feel like we have a mixed bag with monetization. CCP likes to toe the line sometimes, so it’s probably important that players push back to keep the money guys in check. But overall, I don’t agree with those who are screaming pay-to-win, or are asserting blatant anti-consumer and exploitative monetization methods. In fact, I actually consider Warframe to be considerably more exploitative than Eve online, yet I’ve actually seen videos where people have asserted that Warframe is F2P monetization “done right.”

I don’t know. I’m not going to tell you that monetization in Eve is ideal, or that no one has any valid complaints, but some people seem completely uncompromising and unrealistic with their expectations. I mean, my perfect monetization system would be driven 100% through player self-expression. But I don’t think that’s ever going to happen. So, I live with the things I find acceptable, and push back against the things that I don’t.


Just an FYI; it’s Pearl Abyss not “Black Pearl” :pirate_flag:


‘What eve made great’ is simply not longer wanted by players…

Wait, aren’t you the carebear theme park guy?

Does a name change anything? :slight_smile: