Came back and EVE is looking good

Dear CCP,

I’m back and glad to be back after almost 15 months.

I said I’d come back if you guys fixed your ■■■■ changes and I’m glad you did. Hopefully others come back as well.

Thanks for reverting the DBS thing to 100% and lots of nice other changes.

Also got into 4000 player battle on day 1 after rejoining … that’s a good omen.


And it was the exact same crappy experience it has always been. Despite a reinforced node, the game was laggy, modules didn’t respond and locked down, locking ships was unresponsive, FPS were down the drain. And this was with not even 4k characters in system. It was, as always, not enjoyable to be there, especially not for over 7 hours.


Well what do you expect its 4000 people, if people want a smoother game play don’t join 4000 player battles lol, FW has been perfect for smooth game play.

What other game can get anywhere near 4000 players on the same grid?


I don’t expect anything in a big battle. It has always been like that and it will always stay like that.

My point is that this felt just as bad as with 6k characters on grid, despite CCP’s continuous claims that they keep improving the tech, the code and whatnot else. You’d expect to see some of these improvements materialize in actually better performance in big battles, but I have yet to see that in any noticeable way.

Even worse, turning sound of now doesn’t even improve the performance anymore. During the first half of the fight I had sound on and around 1-4 FPS. Then I turned it off and I still only had 1-4 FPS. In the past, when you turned sound off, you got a really noticeable FPS bump into the double digits.

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Uhh yeah.

“These CCP peoples made sound less of a problem in large fights, man CCP sucks!”

Yes, there was an update a while ago where they stated as such. CCP must be so bad that they

And it actually does something!

Seriously just FOAD (in game) with the negative nancy whining BS. Just fck off.

Which direct x where you on during the fight out of curiocity I hear people often drop down and it helps with performance.

CCP is drifting back in the right direction. :purple_heart: the ganking nerfs!

Only DX11 because DX12 is a massive trainwreck in EVE.

It went pretty smooth for me for the first couple hours when it was popping off; but then it really seemed to ■■■■ the bed after that Hel died… then not too long after I got killed; which worked out.

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