Whats the best thing that happened to the game recently?

Hi, im curious what players really like about Eve online thats been done in the last 6 months or so? Whats the best thing that happened?

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highsec citadel vulnerability change

unfortunately, beside few minor UI QoL thats basically only good change I can see…


AF, HAC BUFF (It worked out great, thanks Rise)

The replacement of pos’s with citadels. (Don’t see empty ships on overview 24 7 anymore)

Introduction of Drifter’s. (Those wormholes are nice, even though we are the only corp in game using them and yes CCP we did notice you nerfing them T_T)

Much better tutorial for new player’s.

Orthrus Nerf (Don’t see them everywhere anymore)

NPC Dread’s spawning in Anom’s, those bot’s are probably having nightmares now.

Regular Event’s are pretty nice, give’s us a chance to find more pvp in none gated sites that people have to travel to different systems for.


Tracking being too good for bigger ships
Drone’s in general being able to track too well, meaning bigger is better going against the whole balance system, with capital dominance.

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The chaos that followed the chat system change. No / broken local was definitely great for the game while it lasted.


This is really difficult. I feel like I should be able to come up with a long list. Or a list. I have no list.


More VNI ratting because of bots and generally stupid people. Farming them is so easy.
More carrier ratting because of fighters and bots and generally stupid people. Farming those is slightly harder than VNIs but you get to see glorious local panic intel and can interfere with that in hilarious ways.
Carrier ratting in general thanks to CCP’s absolutely stupid insistence on Capitals First, Fun and Enjoyable gameplay later. You have to be able to afford these ships somehow and can take the economy down with you in the process. One NPC at a time. That’s really cool.

Why are those bad? I mean they made some BS into actually useful and dangerous ships (Typhoon, Armageddon) whose weapons you can’t just easily out track in a stupid frigate.

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RLML and RHML make it difficult to balance becuase of the shared ammo type with smaller ship’s and if you buff the small ship’s weapon system these too get buffed which puts it into op territory.

In my opinion what is needed:

RLML much worse tracking and needs to be seperated into its own ammo type. (frigs cant be recieving 300+ dps after sig reduction per enemy ship, 150 should be the max)
RHML Tracks fine as is but needs to be seperated into its own ammo type.
Heavy Assualt’s needs a bit more tracking.
Heavies needs a bit more tracking.
Cruise needs a bit more tracking.
Torps needs a bit more tracking.

P.S. What do you farm those VNI in? I’m struggling to find a ship that can handle the drone dps and still able to get passed gate camps (not including t3c which I hate using because they are broken).

reverse of fatigue is creating good amount of destruction in nullsec which is good seeing how much farming goes on too

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Event SKINs withut camo and without gradients in latest event. Events providing some content.
PLEX stopped rising in ISK price on market, some actions against bots at last.

Some lore stuff around drifters indicating something is on the way soon. Coded messages, spots with greater drifter activity, damaged ships of the drifters, maybe new visitors to the cluster? :thinking:

Claw swarms or Svipul/Hecate or Jaguar.

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Honestly the only thing that prevents PLEX prices from rising has been the players. There has been an influx of isk from these events, which usually leads to inflation. But there has also been an influx of PLEX due to sales on various sites, that almost coincide with the events.

If the players didn’t buy these sales then the price on PLEX would start to skyrocket again.

The Guristas event has been great for content.


I started playing Eve :smile:


:fire: Burn Jita :fire:

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Cancelling my subs lol

on a similar note,
i started an extended break and somewhat unfucked my play-style for IRL.

so cheers to CCP for letting empire war fall to shite i suppose, its been healthy for me.

Contract your stuff to LouHodo… I will come get it and keep it safe.

Awesome and will you double my investment as well when i come back? I know you will i trust you get ready for stuff incoming would you like a missile or 2 with that?

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