Random questions about last updates

So, i havent played since injectors so quite a while, wanted to know whats going on with game ?

Does it have solo content or still group based only ? Are there new gameplay features or not really ?

How ppl make money these days ? Last time i used to live in pirate 0.0 and farm burner missions for sweet sweet lp.

Is there going on anything pve wise ? Is high sec still a carebear paradise ? I would read any feedback about what happened with the game last several years basically

Who is living in Venal currently ?

Many changes, a new region, new ships, new modules, new content, changed balance/mechanics … but the game is pretty much the same as it was 5 years ago. I think it’s more solo friendly than 5 years ago, but solo doesn’t mean playing alone of course. Most scripted content actually is solo content as it always was, with a few additions of deliberate group content. PvP is both as it always was.

I think burners are still a thing, but people now flock to Abyssal Deadspace instances, where you basically get removed from the game for 15-20min and put into your own little mini-game separated from the main game where you can farm rats for dank loot with not being bothered by other players. sigh

Just come in and find out, and check the changelogs for details.

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Couple of resources:

Posts tagged with #development-updates | EVE Online is the news filter which is a good way to see major update posts.

EVE Support - Returning to EVE Online has a good summary but isn’t fully up to date the last year or so.

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