Old Bucanneer returning: Whats new?

Anyway, got the info in my news feed about the update and I am like, “Okay, definitely some money to be made in Hi-sec again” after spending a tour in null doing some mining and pocketing some change. So I am wondering what the hell has been going in the past year or so since I stopped playing for RL reasons. Now gimme a sitrep on whats going on cause here’s what I know so far:

  • This new update essentially prevents Hi-sec ganking to some extent and basically shuts down any old gankers from pulling their usual shenanigans.

  • Goons got bigger with their imperium coalition, Horde and its cronies got cozy with their neighbors and are settling in close to minmatar space, and the Drone Feds are now a new entity or got replaced while there is some new players in the grand game of things

Outside of what I know, anyone care to fill me in?

We got death ball laser ships and new materials and sites to collect said materials EVE is being invaded by all those botters from Serenity

Not sure what gave you this impression? If someone wants to gank in High Sec they can/will do.

The new update did make changes to War Decs, but that doesn’t affect ganking.


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I think you might need to check back your assumptions!

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Nope. You still need to buy a mining permit.


Gankers are sooooo bad, after you get ganked can I has your stuff? :slight_smile:


I knew I had seen that name before:

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The latter sounds correct as my character inbox got spammed by some dude offering to sell me a bot slave, and the Abyss expansion showed some new tech and materials.

One thing you can’t kill is an idea, and I am fiercely stubborn.

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No, it doesn’t. Gankers not being a group that normally use wardecs to provide them with content. For the most part they just shoot you in the face, take your stuff and send you a satisfaction survey to fill out.

Mercenaries on the other hand…

Oh wait, it’s you. Your last epic was a better love story than Twilight.


I think the “highsec ganking” you are referring to is really the wardec changes. Actual suicide ganking still happens as it always has.

Basically, you cannot be decced if you don’t have a structure in space. This protects noob corps and those that have the poor from being picked on. Simple as that.

It will also allow us players with money to create a 1 member tax free player corp and not be bothered with wardec from other corps.


Almost like being in NPC Starter Corp.

Oh pshaw.

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Yeah but taxing yourself isnt a bad idea especially if you are willing to put forth funds to actually setting up operations

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True, the taxes could be used as a relief fund for unexpected loss.

Or possibly later to anchor a structure.

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