Old Vet Coming Back - Whats New?

Greetings folks,
It’s been a couple of years since I’ve played and I see my old Alliance has broken up as well as some other big ones we were friends with.

What has changed? Still people suicide ganking miners? High Sec Merc Wars?
Are things safer or more dangerous? What is the new playerbase like?

Possible for a Solo Bounty Hunter to operate?

Just curious what the vibe is nowadays.



No. CCP pretty much removed wars from the game.

Depends what you mean by that. Anything “solo PvP” has more or less been out the window for over half a decade by this point. You’ll have to find some kind of fringe activity, and you’ll have very few opportunities.

Depends how long ago you mean. If you mean a couple of years as in 2019, then that’s still a lot. To answer your questions directly and not go off with an essay about how eve has changed

Yes, people still suicide gank miners, haulers, people running missions in 50b RNIs, etc.

Hisec Merc Wars still exist afaik, but have gotten more rare with the introduction of abandoned citadels; if a citadel is left without fuel for a week it can be bashed in 1 sitting and drops all the hangar contents as loot. This means no more timers for evicting long forgotten structures

I’d say things are more dangerous but it depends a lot on what context. Some things are even safer than before

Not sure how the new playerbase is

Solo bounty hunting isn’t and to my knowledge never has been viable, in fact bounties have been removed “temporarily” to help with tidi in massive fights, and were never re-implemented. If you mean solo pvp in general, yes but the world has gotten even more N+1

A lot of people will tell you eve is dying, and they’re kinda correct but it has been since 2003. Either hop back on and be optimistic or ditch the ship

It’s wonderful. Come join us in-game. The game has never been better than now.

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