Been Gone for years I mean like 6 years, think about coming back need help!

Hello all,

I am thinking about coming back after being gone for along time. Im into harvesting producing goods and trading and playing market, with some pve. I was enjoying myself back in the day, I was playing 2 accounts at once. I will only doing this toon. So whats change, is this a good time to comeback? What do I need to be warn about?

My most recent break wasn’t as long as yours, but yeah, a lot has changed. You’ll want to look at how citadels have changed trade and manufacturing, for starters, plus I think the mining ships have been significantly changed since the last time you played. Taxes for buying and selling are higher, too. Good luck and welcome back!

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It’s a scam don’t fall for that


Also if you looking for a good spot to call home with good infrastructure, mail me ingame

When he gets ganked in a blinged out Hulk, it will be your fault. That sort of thing was considered mainstream 6 years ago.

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It’s a scam cause he will be ganked paying or not . And fault is all on the ganker


Somebody is SALTY.

Sorry. Bro no tears here , just the cold and solid truth. Try with someone else, over and out

Shes just a bitter miner who was ganked, dont listen to her.

First things first.

Learn what skills you’ve lost, and look at the new skills available.
Yes over the years some skills have been removed and replaced with multiple new skills.
You’ll have free skill points available from the skills you lost.

Second, don’t fly anything you’re not flown in a while. Many ships have changed and old ship fits you used to use may no longer be the same. I did this, and lost the ship as didn’t notice half the fit was missing due to these changes.

Third, don’t pay for permits or ransoms, its just bully tactics. Paying this just feeds them.

Fourth, learn about the Trig/Precursor faction, as they pop-up all over EVE in difference states (invasion, emerging conduits, and roaming recon fleets), they can be deadly, but also fun.

Fifth, find a good group of players to fly with, and then think about joining a corp when you’re ready and not when they are.

Any questions just evemail.


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First, go to your overview and add Precursor Entities to show. That’s the Triglavian ships that’ll show up in belts and at gates to blap you.


Good luck OP.
I too downloaded the client yesterday. Coming also from a nearly 6 years break, it took me 5 minutes to find out how to switch spaceships :smiley:


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