What to do returning player

Last time I played before I quit I sold my main, I have 20B isk to get going. This accounts skills aren’t amazing but I wouldn’t mind getting back into the game if I could do some afk things while at work. I really liked industy and trading but wasn’t sure they were still viable. I saw threads of people saying the market is flooded with undervalued ships and after I quit I think they changed market posting to eliminate the 1 isk trade wars. Kinda liked the idea of hauling out minerals and producing stuff. I wouldn’t mind buying an account thats a good fit for me IE a trader or industy toon.

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Probably not the most helpful of returning game ideas, but you could station spin.


Before I quit i probably would have been into running 10 miners plus a orca booster or something but i don’t think so anymore.

Can’t help with the rest. I don’t mine nor do I do market Trading or Industry.

Double your ISK in Jita. :upside_down_face:

Don’t you have better things to do than post such shitty advice?

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I think you already know the answer to that question.

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Welcome back to Eve.

Trading is still viable, can’t do the 1 ISK Trade wars anymore but you can use 3rd party Market sites to buy low and sell high. Course location is paramount for success as a Trader so find a Hub with little competition for selling your stock.

Probably gonna have to do some traveling so I suggest not transporting large quantities in a slow Industrial ship, just do small hauls in a small fast aligning ship.

Good luck and may you have much success.

Honestly, I would get into a Mining Corp and double my isk

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