Hi, I am thinking of returning, been years since I really played

Like the title says, Its been years, and I use to play box 2 miners at the same time. But I am thinking about coming back with the new update, but I am not sure how the state of the game is in now. Comminity and PvE, I am not sure about PvP, I am ok at it, as far as WoW (fantasy goes), but this kind of flight. Would have to learn. I want to be useful and have fun, and I use to have fun at mining and production. Is it easy to get into a corp that would teach and help me grow now days? More question to come as this questions and info is given.

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You should browse here for a start: Recruitment Center - EVE Online Forums

It is easy to get into a corp, and it’s also easy to leave if you don’t feel happy.

Walt for a week or two before subbing, currently a lot of bugs from the recent expansion out there need fixing and some are pretty frustrating, especially when using multiple accounts. :wink:

What do I need to do to make myself more combat ready? how do I know what skills I need? I focused on mainly mining and industrial stuff in the past. can I move around some of my points or do I need to train them? is there any websites and addons I should be looking at? I already added 1 month omega on top of the 1 week before you posted not to sub right now lol.

A thick skin, some nice source of income and a lot of patience. Because you will die often and whatever you lose is gone. There is no respawn, no refund, no nothing. And learning how the combat mechanics work in EVE and how to use them in your favor takes time. A lot of time. Talking about months here, at least.

That depends on the ship you fly. You will basically want to have all the skills in

  • armor and/or shield)
  • navigation
  • engineering (fitting+capacitor)
  • gunnery and/or missiles and/or drones
  • rigging
  • spaceship command

as high as possible to fit a capable combat ship. You can skill some years to maximize these.

That will help you close to nothing in PvP.

In theory you can use Skill Extractors to remove skillpoints from existing skills and turn them into SkillInjectors. Which then can give you these skillpoints back as unallocated Skillpoints, that you can put into any skill you like. However, financially thats pretty inefficient. It will cost you billions of ISK probably.

Use PyFa for fittings (download), zkillboard to get info about other people in local, dotlan about the systems close to you. Youtube for some guides. And like two dozen more if you want to dive deeper into specific content.

Depending on your SP level, you may not get back the same amount you extract.

An extractor remove 500k SP. A Large Skill Injector (LSI) as youll see abbreviated here on the forums nets you 500k SP IF you are below 5 mil sp.

As you reach certain milestones of SP up to 80 mil i think, you get less SP from an LSI. After 80 mil SP, you only get 150k SP from a LSI even though you may extract 500k.

Above 5 mil SP, you only get 400k SP per LSI

I have over 28m skill points.

on armor skills I only have hull upgrades to 4 almost 5. and repair systems to 4. which do I want to start with Armor lyering or on of the compensation?
Shields I have all but the compenesations (well Sheild comp I am at 1)

On ship command I am Cald Destoryer, frigate, haluler 3 and Minm Battlecruiser 2, cruiser and destory 3 and Frigate 4. what other ships should I look at?

ANd I want to think you guys for helping.

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