Letters to the Carebears of code

To James 315 and all CODE affiliates

Hi, its me, StarTerrorPrime, the pain in the carcass that wouldn’t stop taunting your agents about slipping past them on consistent basis with the slowest ships imaginable in the Metropolis region. Man its been long time since I’ve seen your carebears around in ages, especially since I’ve started traveling around during the rogue swarm event which was a hell of cash injection for my wallet. I saw that you premiered little old me on your site a while back, and thought “Hey maybe i should make a forum post responding back” but figure to wait a while to make things interesting, but I did send a letter to one of your little minions explaining the current geopolitical situation I felt was occurring with EVE’s Socioeconomic landscape.

While I’ll believe you are enjoying yourself with a smug sense of self accomplishment for trying to hinder my progress, Appearances can be deceiving to an extent. Remember that little war declaration you had on me for a week while I consistently trolled the surrender button with the insult of 1 isk and the accompanying sounds of the late Eduard Khil. A more famous aspect you would remember is the Junker rifter had assembled to make it look like I was all geared for a fight, well, I utilized the general idiocy of your agents and some junk I picked off rat corpses to make a convincing act. What you failed to realize is that I acquired my combat ships for way below their market value, and insured them for twice if not three times their value, putting jank on them to keep the facade going.

The only downside to our little skirmish around metropolis is that my partner ran off like a coward, but granted finding decent help nowadays is akin to pulling teeth. I am old school buccaneer from way back when your spiritual predecessor, the Goonswarm Federation, was doing all the ganking for the fun of it and just being generally crazy and entertaining. CODE, on the other hand, is simply depressing and boring to look, genuinely funny to me though as I see your efforts are mostly if not entirely redundant.

Now, I presume most of CODE’s affiliates who may be reading this are going to say, “Oh you are just whiny carebear who got his ars kicked.”, though to be honest, you don’t inspire much of reaction in me compared to other organizations. Most folks sure are on alert if they see you but I cannot take you seriously anymore, with the best comparison of you being the equivalent of Mayo for New Eden in contrast to Horde being Horseradish Mustard, some people may like it while others don’t, TEST the weird tasting asian sauce that’s out there, and Goonswarm the Spicy Ketchup that keeps things interesting. You’ve become bland to my senses, as other groups garner my attention with the flavors it brings to my mind’s eye.

A response I expect to hear is that no one takes me seriously, except I don’t expect anyone to do in the first place, my goal is to poke and prod at things to sate my inner homunculus, the desires of curiosity. Of course, when I first heard about the supposed terrors of CODE, I thought “I wonder how motivated these individuals are by Greed versus Creed”, going to work at agitating a small bastion in Hek to see the responses I would receive. Neither of my early guesses proved to be true, as only one of your affiliates was motivated by greed and I felt the rest were spurred on by one facet, boredom, the lack of any challenge.

Granted, this is something I sympathize as I scoured half the galaxy of New Eden for some exciting new place to call a home, tried doing alliances, and hung out in NPC nullspace doing missions where I once rarely in a blue moon was attacked. The days of when I first came into EVE during a Boom of piracy and banditry were days I thrived in watching cutthroat murder take place within just 5 seconds of undocking with entire stations being glorious fields of wreckage because half the entire galaxy was brutally beating the crap out of the other half in brutal senseless carnage. Let’s face it, the adage “The thing about chaos, it’s fair” applies to New Eden because it sucks when their is nothing exciting going on, since everyone and their mothership are waiting for the next big thing to happen.

From my experience, New Eden stagnates when there is complete order and coming from an age where chaos thrived, with fortunes made and lost in a day, that is the true New Eden. Your idea of enforcing permits in whatever drop of high sec your affiliates operate is boring because people expect you to show up, there is only so many times a dog will come to the door wagging its tail. I’ve been fair bit fun of lately Miner-tipping on your expense, where I show up in a ganking ship, and scare the living daylights out of ore jockies to keep them on alert, with hilarious reactions once they figure out they’ve been punked. I also had some fun tormenting pirates by equating their competence to that far less of a mentally handicapped child, which has led to some raging out of their gourds.

I feel you need to inject chaos in the system, i think you need to do things at random without rhyme or reason, be spontaneous in your actions. I find myself adventuring on a whim in New Eden, traveling far outside the comfort zone to see where in the galaxy I end up, and let me tell you the stories. Hell, encountering CODE in the first was an act on impulse, ending up with me having what I wanted, a little chaos to keep me on the edge of my seat. I even tried challenging your affiliates to try to heavily disrupt my operations, because I was bored.

There is a point I do agree with in the effects of CODE and similar operations is the mulching of assets, since there is countless assets sitting in storage, on the open market, and or in production currently that flood the open market. The best example is the Drone Phoenix coalition is where I can find the equivalent of space illegals to build an entire line of vessels and ship them into high sec, or much less get minerals from them, since they can probably make them for cheap and fast as possible. Now, I have to say Winter is coming because from the East is General winter and his army of russians piloting supercapials, do you feel CODE is ready for the consequences of ignoring this potential enemy who sat idly mining in Nullsec for ages?

With Providence,
StarTerrorPrime out


U seem pretty mad.




Nah, as I explained, you blow up ships, I make new ones, then we have happy cycle of death and birth because the more ships you blow up, the more I can make for better price. Now, what scares me the most is the fact the entire eastern section of the map is covered in Russians and bot miners which is super scary because the price of everything will crash, and there will be no one to stop them.



Miner, calm down.


Long Story short:

I find CODE funny. The Drone Phoenix Federation is scares the everliving daylights out of me because endless bot miners and manufacturers afk 24/7 who may put me out of job because of they own half the entire map.


Thank you for including your name. No one would ever have known otherwise.

Is there a TL;DR?


I’m happy you found some content that makes you happy OP. I really like the part where you compare major groups out there to condiments. Fly recklessly o7


OP, you made decent money with the rogue swarm event? Huh. I must have done it wrong as after I got enough boosters to last me personally until the end of the event I didn’t think it was worth doing any more event sites. I would be interested to know what you did with that event.


Something something butt-hurt about CODE., something something stagnation and bot miners in the drone lands.


Waffling ponderous garbage.

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I am so confused. You both love CODE. for providing content and destruction in the otherwise boring highsec, but you also hate CODE: because they wardecced you once (chronicled here: http://www.minerbumping.com/2017/07/rand-aspirant-part-1.html)

You probably should have just went with a simple ‘The Code Always Wins’ to sum up your feelings.


It’s sunday, so for ONCE i go iC…

STAR TERROR PRIME - the miner everyone will remember!

STAR TERROR PRIME - the miner, who makes veldspar shake in fear!

STAR TERROR PRIME - when he enters the system, all belts cry out in fear and horror!

STAR TERROR PRIME - Not the miner we deserve, but the miner we need!

Seriously, i’ve killed miners calling themselves xxblackdeath93xx, megalord, doomslayer etc., and what they all had in common wasn’t that they’re some tough guys, no. what they all had in common, was that they cried …


“look at me, look at me, I want fame, i want stardom, look at me” dude code are a joke and always have been, if you have more than 50ehp they don’t bother half the time, if you mine in busy systems and afk your haulers and barges, you deserve to be ganked.

I have NEVER in 15 years of playing this game EVER been ganked in High Sec in ANY ship, you know why? It’s called “using my brain”

Should try it instead of writing long winded ■■■■■■■■

why are you posting on an alt then?
ahh yes, you defo got ganked/haven’t been playing for 15 years (especially since the game is 14 years old XD)

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The OP and CODE.

Still a better love story than Twilight.


I am so confused. You both love CODE. for providing content and destruction in the otherwise boring highsec, but you also hate CODE: because they wardecced you once (chronicled here: http://www.minerbumping.com/2017/07/rand-aspirant-part-1.html1)

You probably should have just went with a simple ‘The Code Always Wins’ to sum up your feelings.

Okay, like I explained, when stuff isn’t getting blown up, I lose ISK the longer those items are still in service, but when stuff is getting blown up, I make money fetching or making it. Any ganking group that does this is a part of healthy EVE, particularly when the destruction outpaces or equals the creation of items. Now I am likely going to be out of career because of the DRF coalition taking over the entire eastern section of the map, and that is going to put a lot of industrialists out of business.

As far as my standing towards CODE, ehh, you could do better. Trust me, Goons were a lot scarier and much more fanatical during the war with BoB, I’m talking Radical Jihadist level terrifying. They use to have a thing called baptism by fire for initiation, and the results were much more traumatic.

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Ok, so you just love CODE. then.

Thanks for clearing that up.

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You have no idea how much CODE is considered as irrelevant where the real stuff happens. Those guys are only sub Alts or jokers. In case you live in high sec, then you need to move out from there asap. Some players in Null have not even heard about it and they play since years.

I live in null and no one has heard of me. That’s true of >99% of players and their Corps.

We aren’t somehow elite level relevant just because we live in null. We are just as irrelevant, probably more because no one has heard at all of most of us.


This screams for a troll spreading your name on cans in every nullsec system. :grin: