The Best thing to come out of the last 7 days DDOS

The Lack of Bots.

Simple as that.

Hat’s off to CCP for pulling out as many stops as they can to fix things but the BEST thing that happened to EvE over the last 7 days is the lack of Chat/Local and the POPUP of random windows that BOT’s cannot deal with.

The unpredictability of (Chat/Local) has produced something good that Team Security need to react to.

I truly hope they get the resources within the company to build on and learn from this since it is not often that events like this happen, but when they do………………

OH BOY does it expose the cheats,



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[Citation needed]

So let me get this straight… You think that the guys making thousands of dollars a day fapping into socks while their code kill regions worth of anomalies afk do not have the bot written to automate notification of any unexpected situation so that they can immediately modify to suit?

You really are cream of the crop man

in all likelyhood this only caused proliferation, as the botters downgraded to hyperions or VNIs to afk in instead of Hel’s, and added more accounts to compensate

So watch and see which accounts of the “bot” toons are not there and when they come back. This will help I.D a lot of them and then they can be dealt with. Also we as players need to start pointing out bots even those players in our own corp/alliances doing it. If more ppl did that maybe we could cut out a lot of the bot in game. CCP sshould make a BOT reporting post and then watch it the ppl who abuse that chanell also should go along with the bots but really there is no way u can totally elimte all the bots in game

Exactly the same goes for drugs but that logic doesn’t stop any addict getting their fix. Also it is possible the botsoftware ironically has a module of the DDOS botnet code in it.

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The 200IQ move by CCP. If no one can log on there are no bots. Brilliant.

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says the guy selling isk 10$ a bill

youre unto something…imagine that being done from 61 different locations on vpn’s that are running on the east coast backbone…which means nobody gets to play till they fix our ■■■■

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… and lack of People

Best thing for me is I realized I had a wife and 3 kids. =)

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The Best thing to come out of the last 7 days DDOS is

There was no ■■■■■■■ cloaky camper with his 50 accounts in our systems.

But I’m sure he’ll be back as soon as he’s not afraid to lose his ships.

Man, you have a really short one. Is that a mutation? You should be proud!

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Sorry, I can’t understand you. It’s possible that translator translated my text wrong.

No idea what you mean by any length or shortness or depth or width.

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Independent of EVE and the thread, your name actually makes me curious. I too often forget that I need to consider cultural differences. May I ask where you are from?

Plot twist: CCP has been ddos’ing themselves this whole time as a blackout 2.0 social experiment to see how it affects the game.


if you mean me, I was born russian german in china, used to live near alaska. All clarity eliminated? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Are you freaking kidding me? :smiley:

I don’t know about all this bot crap, but it sure opened up time for me to dive into Assassins Creed Odyssey. One heck of a game. ■■■■ space battles, I will just spartan kick those bots right the ■■■■ off.

no, it’s the truth. Born china, first 15 years living 100km from alaska. russian-german family.