My hat is off to CCP, well done

For a few weeks I was streaming distribution bots in action. Fleet after fleet was eventually banned. Started off taking 7-10 days at a time. But after about 4 fleets were banned, things changed. I would find the fleet, report it with an email, and within 24 hours the fleet would be gone.

However this changed the last fleet. I checked on dotlan before I went to sign on a few days ago and saw the bot fleet was back in action. So I jumped in my shuttle to go confirm it and they were gone… CCP got rid of them before I even reported them this last time. I even checked other locations I thought they might have moved to and nothing.

It has now been 3 days and the bots have not come back. I think the bot maker might have given up or switched to other botting activities.

So my hat is off to CCP, yes they can move slow but they will move. You may just have to prod them a little. :slight_smile:

On a side note I see a jump in price in thukker items, the bots were farming thukker LP points.


Nice to see someone say something nice about CCP-- especially when it’s commending them because they did a good thing.


Keep up the good work in reporting too


Low hanging fruit.

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Fruit nonetheless.


So all you have to do to get bots removed from a tiny little part of New Eden is give up playing the game and dedicate yourself to being a squeaky wheel for weeks on end?


Plus one for your perseverance, though.


In the uphene system there were 10 battleship bot miners and 1 bot hauler mining away for weeks … they too are gone …

If they reverted back to the old chat system and banned VPNs you’d see a massive drop in bot activity overnight. Then again, if they just banned Russian and Chinese accounts we’d see a huge improvement as well.


can you tell me how it benefits these people to put the type of effort like this? You can’t take isk out of eve so what does having tons of isk do for them to encourage botting? Sorry, newb. Can’t halo but ask these questions. Did not find anything good on google.

Look up RMT.


If they just got rid of courier missions they’d not even have to ban a lot of people…


i spoke too soon … all 11 bots are back in uphene :frowning:

Single examples as the rule point is simply dishonest …
The rule is that every botter after a day is active again.

Another rule is that CCP does not care…they ban a few during propaganda events but 90% aren’t touched at all…

THIS is the reality…


Who really gives a fork?

A spork. Automated.

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Well…the OP obviously…and you should too if they -even more obviously- lie to you about it…
If you don’t i feel sorry for you because regardless if you simply do not care or are not interested you deserve to be lied in your face…

Seems to me “all you want is to play” regardless what happens ingame…and you believe what is said in the media BECAUSE it is said in the media so it must be true…

Sry to shoot you from your dead horse but some here have a common sense and don’t like to be lied in their faces in a trumpish style…

My point is simple. CCP only cares about money. They have betrayed so much of the game’s founding principles that it’s hardly the same game. They said that they would NEVER get away from time based skill training. Forward to today. You can have a one day old toon with maxed out skills. Does that make sense to anyone?

You think it’s over?

Don’t you see PA’s loot boxes waiting around the corner…?

You must be blind…

If they just banned your account we would see a large improvement here as well.

Yes, because I contribute so much botting activity with my one account that logs on a few times a month… The current version of the forums are an unmitigated disaster. It’s like they made the core premise focus on all those special snowflakes to ensure that they wouldn’t easily be offended…