You can bot, is free with CCP

many week i report a fleet of 12 bots.
They are in system with near 30 belt. But we can mine more because bots deplete 80% of belt each days.

I send many tickets : CCP did nothing
I send mail at did nothing
I send new ticket : GM XXXXX close… maybe her bots

why GM don’t come ingame? watch bot and kick or report ? CCP protect bots ?
If CCP ban all bots the game probably dead or ore price rise up…

Maybe i need to do the same. Maybe now the only one way to play industrial in eve is boting…

Snip. - ISD Fractal


Drama queen.

Kill them, loot their wrecks.


Then give their whereabouts to a CODE. agent, they’ll be please to clean hisec from bot aspirants.

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Yes and after that we can’t mine anymore and probably must move our stations…

why CCP don’t do her job ? We pay for it…

Because bots are content dummy.

Why we must lose time on ticket, forum… for nothing ?
I start the game for playing ! i am not a cop !

Kill them, bump them, wardec them or pay mercs to wipe them out… you know, Eve Online style.

lol ?? do you know how bot works ? Do you think they are in corporation… ?
Continun to protect bot if you want but i stop to lost my time on this game and i go bot too.

still, you can bump and gank them.

Call CODE. They’ll spank the bots. Granted, they might spank you too, but the problem’s solved. :stuck_out_tongue:


WTF, remove their names from your post, you’re going to get banned!!

No, seriously, remove their names before the mods see it. Posting them repeatedly does NOT help your case!

many weeks i send ticket and more they do nothing.
Maybe with name here they do smething.
Maybe i need to conatact videogame press and send all ccp tickets i receive for bot and screens.

If the multiboxer annoys you in game, you have to take action in game. Whining about multiboxing on the forum and posting the char names will only send the message that you are a giant :cat:

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I don’t creat this post for a multiboxer…

then a couple of days bumping the guy will be enough to remove him from your constellation.

you think i pay 15€ for lose my time to bump … ?

you think i can play 25h per days ?