Why ccp close bot post?

Someone can say me why ccp do nothing vs all the bot and why they close tickets and post about bot ?

I told you so

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I think we’ve told you why… This will get closed as well possibly forum banning your character.


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and don’t reopen closed threads…

In B4 ban :rofl:

It did have a good run though. 82 posts before a lock.

As you can see yourself, CCP are rather relaxed before taking disciplinary actions.

They just proof CCP protect bots.

No, it’s the proof that CCP consider bots as a secondary issue, a mild annoyance. The public executions in Yulai were setted up to calm the plebs.

Don’t re-open closed topics.

Report bots through the proper channels, and they’ll be dealt with once they’ve been investigated.

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