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Hi, all

I quit EVE Online over a decade ago, Jan 2012 (based on my corporation history when I left). I had a great few years here, but real-life started demanding more, and my corp members had mostly decided to take a break at the same time, so it seemed a good time to stop and treasure the memories. Fast forward 11 years and now my 14-year old has started trying out the game because his schoolmates recommended it. To try and make it a shared experience I’ve been trying to recall everything, and managed to dredge up all my old accounts. I’ve learnt about how Alpha and Omega clones work (and my goodness it seems like it’s now a lot more expensive to buy PLEX to play for a month), and have spent the last week or so tidying up my hangars etc… and I feel almost ready to help my son through. However, some things seem to have changed, and I was hoping that I could get some feedback here.

I’m resigned to the fact that I’ll be paying for Omega - the amount of ISK required to play for free for a month seems way way higher than it used to be, or maybe I remembered wrong - I seem to recall it was only around 400m ISK to play for a month in 2012, but yes, everything has gone up in price, so it’s no surprise that an EVE subscription using in-game currency would too. Anyway, some questions!

  1. Back in 2012 I remember being really sad that two beautiful battleships, the Megathron and Tempest, were considered poor choices for PvE, with the Tempest being almost unusable for that purpose. Have things changed in that regard? The Prophecy used to be horrible (although I still used it) but the recent changes have made it more fun to use. Not as efficient as the Harbinger, but at least not inferior in all respects. I’m hoping that the Megathron or Tempest would now be decent options for missions.

  2. In 2012 Providence was held mainly by CVA with their NRDS policy, although it was being under heavy siege by the time I quit. I notice that CVA still hold some of their old space - are they still NRDS with an intel channel? Some of their other systems look to be held by this alliance called Linknet - does anyone have any feedback on whether they’re a good place for my kid to start learning about nullsec?

  3. Were there any changes in the star systems? I recall flying from Amarr to The Forge/Lonetrek didn’t use to take as many as 40 jumps (through Oursalert and Rens, no less!) - did some system along the path directly from Caldari to Amarr space get changed to lowsec?

  4. Upon returning I found a lot of my stuff in nullsec (mainly in old CVA space) have gotten repackaged and placed in the nearest lowsec stations - how does that work? I fly to that station and they’ll restore my hangar in those nullsec stations (assuming I gain access to them by joining the alliance or at least being marked blue) or do we have to ferry the items out from those lowsec stations where the repackaged item is?

I’m sure I’ll have a lot more questions in the coming weeks, but right now EVE looks great. The new ship skins are lovely (although some of the changes aren’t as nice - I used to really love the EoM skin on the Amarr Battleships, but the new EoM skin doesn’t look anywhere near as nice as before), and the graphics when jumping, as well as the docked screens (Jita looks really nice and unique) are a massive improvement. I seem to recall we could see ourselves in the station staring at the ship parked nearby, but I’ve completely forgotten how to toggle to that view. I don’t know how long I’ll be playing, whether I’ll completely settle in, whether my son will gain enough interest to invest the necessary time in here, but for now, New Eden, it’s really good to be back. :slight_smile:

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I can only answer your first question. The Tempest is a fine vessel for missions. You can get away with some remarkably cheap fits using a microjumpdrive. The Megathron is in a rough spot. It can come down to the wire keeping it alive in some of the more aggressive missions, and railguns are flat out awful. That boat is a blasterboat all the way.

Both the Gallente and Minmatar marauders are awesome, awesome ships though. If you are going to be doing missions then either one of those are a fine goal. I like the Kronos best myself, the Megathron hull is just such an amazing design.

Yes, “ish”.

To summarize many years of happenings, The Big Bad Mk IV (“Triglavians”) showed up and turned some systems into the isolated Pochven Region. Niarja notably fell to this region which cut the Jita-Amarr Highsec express way.

We’re now on The Big Bad Mk V (aka “The Deathless”).

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  1. Check out the Triglavian race on youtubes. A new race was added to the game and they took over some systems. That is why the route has changed.

  2. It is called asset saftey. When a player owned structure is destroyed the assets inside are transfered to the nearest low sec system. There is more to that game mechanic, so I would advise looking that up.

CVA got booted out completely. They only recently returned. Pretty sure NRDS is dead. To do Sov Nullsec with newbs there’s basically two big blobs you can join: Horde or Goons — or one of those group’s vassals.

Thanks! My son would be delighted to find that his dream Tempest is something to aim for. Will take him a few months to get there, but it would be a great journey. Hopefully.

Marauders would be a little more long-term!

Thanks - NRDS was never practical, although I was grateful for the flexibility it gave me back then when the main alliances had no interest in Providence. Good to see that Goons are still around after so long - I thought all the old names would be gone by now!

Thanks - I did a lot of reading online on those items - while I still haven’t figured out much about the Triglavians and the game mechanics of those special events, I did find out how to deal with the asset safety containers. I’ve already started recovering the items from the lowsec stations. It’s quite a relief that I don’t have to fly into nullsec to recover them as it’s been a while since I’ve played and a bubble could really ruin my day!

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Thanks - there’s so much to read on the Triglavians, Deathless, and now there’s the upcoming Angel Cartel and Guristas vs Deathless. I’ve got days of reading before I’m up to speed on the lore now!

and Niarja… yes, that system sounds so familiar! With my assets split between Caldari and Amarr space I will really miss that shortcut.

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@Nai_Weil I have a question for you about how things were 11 years ago :slight_smile:

Ok here is the question:
do you recall if there was a mini game (a pc version of risk I think?) accesible from NeoCom around 2012/2013? I have a foggy memory of something like that…

I started in January’13, then took a break after a year and returned in January’23. I was folowing New Eden news from time to time since 2013. This is my second charecter I’ve created on my return to continue my New Eden adventure.

Welcome back :slight_smile:

they were always a decent option …

  1. and all other SOV spaces where hold by other alliances oO
  2. every alliance which is out there which has more players then eve could handle ( just speculative )

called triglavian and it was … worse choice of all players to delete the Jita ↔ amarr route…

its assat saftey, also a stupid idea of 100% saftyness of HS/LS/NS stuff if the station got blown up … ( yea i know about the abandon state )

This right here dude is what separates you from all the other old vets who came to complain about the changes over the past 10 years.

Keep researching, keep asking for help, and you will really get back into the grove of things!
EVE is a great game and still is the top MMO going for 20+ years. There is nothing remotely close to EVE and here we are still going strong.

Fly Safe

Hmmm… I’m sorry, I can’t recall anything like this. Maybe it was implemented after I quit. I can’t even recall what the old Neocom looked like! The closest thing I can think of to Risk was the planetary exploration thingie (which I can’t recall anything about), but no, I don’t recall any game in the Neocom. It does sound like fun, though! Something to do while mining :slight_smile:

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Thanks - yes, I never expected to find any of my nullsec stuff still around. I thought it’d be trapped in the middle of nowhere and I’d have to fly in with a Cov Ops and set up market sell orders repeatedly. I didn’t know that those stations could be blown up, and yes, if they were it’d make sense that everything would disappear. In fact, I always wondered that if a corp took over a station and destroyed my jump clones, surely they could loot my hangar…

Niarja was a tragedy for sure, but I’ll just have to streamline my assets and just avoid hauling too much between the two areas. Wish there was a way to liberate it someday.

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