Returning player some info needed

Hey all

Returned to game after 6 years and I am completely lost. My overview is lost as expected and there are so many new things in game.

Can anyone link me some web sites with nice info for ship fittings and any other good resource?
Also is there a way to start newbie tutorial again? I would love to do it again.
Any other info is more than appreciated.

there’s a “newbie tutorial”???

Start a new char. If new char doesn’t start the “newbie tutorial” make an Alpha Account.

Tons and tons of info out there. Just google “eve online X” where X = whatever particular thing you are interested in (ships, missions, etc) and that always works for me.

Make sure you download some actual overview settings besides the default ones. There are several out there which are ‘professionally done’ and maintained.

Can I suggest Z-S Overview Pack? Then you dont have to download anything. Just join the in game chat channel “Z-S Overview” and install it from there.
Works with latest expansion; Lifeblood.

Read more about it here.

Thanks a lot on info. Overview will be huge help as default one is just bad.
If anyone else has any more info or web sites I would love to hear about it. Cant find old web site with ship fittings or maybe it changed so much I cant find it.

Ship fittings:

Killboard with fittings:

In case you’re into mining, beware of High-sec NPC gankers. Yes, that’s correct - High-sec NPC gankers.
Its called FOB - Forward Operation Base (pirate station).
They swoop down on unsuspecting high-sec miners, warp-scramble and blow up our ships.
You cant warp out because you’re scrambled.
You cant fend off because they’re too fat and there are 6 of them.
But you can check beforehand if there’s any FOBs in the system in the “Agency” window; if there is - just dont mine, dont even fly to belt out of curiosity, it may cost ya.
I wonder if this “feature” going to stay as it is or reconsider…

just be carful with this site it still has dated parts and some just flat wrong. i would also recommend against using it to find fits for less common ships

our procs have had little issue killing them

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