Overview setup and other newbie stuff

I was wondering if anyone has tips or setup for the overview that make it more efficient for exploration.

I also want to know tips for getting out combat quickly when exploring, Im an alpha account so i dont have cloak but I would like to know whatever else I can use.

Don’t bother doing that by yourself. If you are new, join the ingame channels SaraShawa-Overview or Z-S Overview and activate their overview settings. You will get a full suit of viable overview settings that cater to your needs.

Setting up overviews is really, really, really tedious. Once you have grown a bit more accustomed to EVE, you can take a look at these overview settings in detail in an external XML viewer program. You can do some fun things there to achieve some additional formatting styles. Ingame you can then also tinker with the Overview Settings window to create even more specialized overview settings from these presets.

Getting “out into combat” or “out of combat”? Out of combat: warp core stabs and pray. Generally, just write your T1 explorer off and drop your loot regularly if you are in low sec or null sec. Also check killboards via zkill of pilots in your system or pilots coming into your system. Check Dscan and keep mashing the Dscan button religiously if you are not alone in a low/null sec system.

Getting into combat? Fit your T1 exploration ship for combat. Herons with dual MASB, AB, Scram/Web are amazing for a T1 frigate. Probes can be nasty as well. Check zkillboard for some fittings.

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Tips for avoiding combat while exploring:

  1. Create a “safety” book mark or two in the system before you launch probes. Youtube if you don’t know the process. Do not launch sitting at your safety.
  2. Set up your UI so that you can see your overveiw and D- scan while the hack screen is open.
  3. Orbit can while hacking
  4. D-scan constantly. Set the range kind of close so you see when they are the way
  5. Avoid low sec; even without a cloak, wormholes are your friend

Tip #2 is this the circular over lay with distances listed, how do I enable that option.

Tip #3 when you orbit while hacking do you do this at game speed or with MWD.

Tip #4 What do you consider close.



  1. Not sure what you’re asking–he’s saying you need to have your windows laid out so that you can see the overview, your D-Scan window, and the hacking screen at the same time without any overlap. What is the “circular overlay”?

  2. Not with MWD–having your MWD affects your align time, and if you’re orbiting at 1,000 m with your MWD on you’ll have to turn it off to get close enough to the can to open the cargo, otherwise you slingshot around outside the open cargo range.

  3. This is probably a matter of style (or I’m just bad), but I typically have my D-Scan set pretty far out. Once I pick someone up, I’ll start slowly decreasing my range to see how close the other person actually is. At some point the D-Scan will start showing you actual distance–at that point I usually make the decision to stay or go.

This is the tactical overlay, it’s the button just above the one used for ‘scanners’ (iirc).

1 au. If you’re out in space and you see something on a 1au scan, it is coming for you (assuming you’re not within 1au of stations/gates/etc, gets a little trickier then).

Of course a long range scan also works, just be aware of your surroundings :slight_smile:

If it’s showing distance I’m pretty sure that’s an indication they’re on the same grid as you, so yeah you want to be on your way out at that stage (if not in high sec).


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