Good Overview Setup for Beginner?

Any recommendations on how to best set up the overview, or are there presets that I can load in? Seems like there must be something more organized for me as I move through the career missions and then into more PvE and PvP work. Thanks!

A lot of people use Barkkor’s setup.

I start with his then customize it into tabs for:

General - pretty much all structures and things EXCEPT ships, gates, rocks, and lootables.
Travel - Gates, accelerators, and wormholes.
Ships - All ships of any type, including drones
Mining - Only belts
Asteroid Types - All asteroid types
Loot - Wrecks, containers, hacking silos, anything that can be looted or salvaged.
PVP - Game players (with or w/o drones, it’s up to you)
NPC - Non players

Works pretty well for me so far.


Z-S Overview is a common one people like. You can get it by joining the channel of the same name in game.

personally I like a more simple overview and just make my own. Having stargates, all ships, and most NPCs works well for me. I take concord and faction police off since they are so common on highsec gates. Having cynos and scan probes is nice too.

For fleet stuff having options for taking purples off and some specific overviews like tackle, fighters, drones, logi, and whatever else you might want to shoot or be aware of.

and if you are going to be in the really big fights having a bunch of bracket options is also useful.

I like Z-S overview as well. Here’s a quick easy video for setting it up.

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