Pve overview

im looking for a simple yet decent overview for everything that is needed in pve without cluttering it
my activities include: missions, abyss, anomalies
what can u guys recommend?

i uploaded Z-S overview but theres so many sub overviews i dont know what to pick

thanks in advance

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You already got one overview which was “best” for someone and yet it did not fit your expectations. The same will happen with any other. What is “best” for one might be useless for another. Therefore instead of chasing some ghosts study out the one you got and modify it to fit your play style.

Pick the stuff you want to see and shoot in space. The Z-S overview offers some PvP packs as well, but you can probably skip those if you’re interested in mostly PvE.

Z-S has what you’re looking for, but you may have to look through it to understand what it can offer you. Getting an understanding of how to modify an overview and how it works can really help you.

Something I like doing on my overview is to make sure it’s showing ‘all brackets’ at all times. That way I never get surprised by invisible things in space that are shooting me. After you select your choices for the tabs (such as a first tab for flying around, a second tab for pvp targets, a third for whatever pve you like engaging in etc), rightclick the tab to turn on all brackets.

not sure if it helps but my corps overview has pvp, pve, freinds, navigation (nav), drones, ore and misc.

There are very good reasons for this.

I am wondering why you would have abyss, anomalies and missions in seperate tabs?

i dont, i just said these are the activities i do to help choose the right overview for me. i didnt mean tabs at all

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Z-S basic overview with one PvE tab and ‘show all brackets’ sounds like it could do the job.

What are “brackets”?

In this context, brackets mean all the icons floating in space: friendly and enemy ship icons, wrecks, containers and such.

If you rightclick the hamburger menu (four horizontal lines) of your overview, you have the option to ‘show all brackets’, ‘hide all brackets’ or ‘stop showing/hiding all brackets’.
While these options won’t change what shows up on your overview, it will change how much you will see floating in space. When all brackets are hidden, you won’t see those icons in space (although they can still show up on your overview if your tab is set to show those icons). When all brackets are shown, you will see every icon in space regardless of your overview settings, so you will never be surprised with enemy ships right next to you that are invisible due to overview settings. The third option is the default option, which shows only brackets of the stuff that you selected to show on your overview.

I prefer showing all brackets regardless of overview settings. Unless your computer can’t handle it (because it’s an old computer or you’re in one of those huge battles) I recommend it.


Thanks a lot. I did see references to “brackets” in the settings menu, and wondered what it was all about. At long last I now finally know.

I generally use “Iridium Overview” - at least it is relatively simple.

where to get that from?

“Iridium Overview” channel iirc (name of channel may contain underscore instead of space)

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