Changes in the last 5 years? Vet Returns

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I was wondering if anyone could summarize what’s changed the most in the last 4 years as I intend to resume playing. I started in 2012, played for about a year, came back in 2014 and spent a year managing my own corporation with about 12 people in it. We Had our own station in a small wormhole, owned all the custom offices around each planet, and we did MASSIVE amounts of planetary interaction. I did 6 planets each with 6 characters. (I have a lot of spare time). I am not really a pvp’er, I was a miner, hauler, trader. Have all the exhumers and freighters and all that. Once in a while I’d hit the npc anomalies with a battleship but that’s about it. I then left the game after my corporation backstabbed me and stole all my station possessions (i know, tears, so precious…I don’t mind…name of the game). Anyway, I only have 32 million SP’s which is probably peanuts nowadays - probably can earn that in a year now. I don’t really want to join a new corporation because of so many corporation assets I have, I’d rather try what I did before and find like-minded people to own a wormhole again, although I hear they have changed.

I see PI has been upgraded a bit, I will welcome that greatly.

Any suggestions or comments? I do see they did add some solo combat content as well, I may be content just doing that.

Dray Cil

Too many to list. I suggest reading through all of the official patch notes you’ve missed in the past 5 years.

If you assume that missions have stayed the same and everything else has changed you won’t be far off! Complete list of changes going back to 2014:


Vet Returns, behold and give him easy info cause Vet can’t be bothered to check stuff himself…

Introduction of Upwell Structures (Replaces POS’s)
New Triglavian Ships (which are expensive, but quite powerful)
Surgical Strike reduced resistances of most mods (old fits might be outdated)
Abyss (New PvE Content)
Invasions (New PvE Content)
Cynos now have restictions to what ships they can be fit on
A metric butt ton of balance changes

I think that’s the most important stuff. Look each one up if you want to know more.

The most important change (click here to reveal)...


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Yeah I don’t think I’ll be clicking that. Thanks though.

Thank you for the link. Been so long I didn’t know where to look. I wish all MMO’s archived their notes.

Dray, that’s just a function of these “new” forums…to make something have a hidden section. It’s under the options gear wheel when making a post.



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