Trashing slaves should return generic corpses we can hand over to the drifters

The title says it all.

Disclaimer: I may or may not have a substantial amount of player corpses. I may or may not have been, currently am, or will be feeding them to the Drifters. There may, or may not, be changes in behaviour of certain types of drifter ships, or their associates. These may or may not be observable around Jove Observatories.

In case you own corpses you wish to donate for a good cause, or wish to sell for a good cause (300k isk per, private contract only), then you may or may not desire contacting me. This thread is not meant as an advertisement, so if this part breaks any rules then I ask for it to be removed instead of the whole thread closed. I am flagging this post to make sure it’s in the clear.


I hope ccp are paying attention. Something along these lines is how you could implement ‘taking sides’.

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Well, there are rudimentary mechanics already implemented. Rumours, which I am not going to confirm, may or may not claim that when you donate corpses at an Observatory, or maybe anywhere but directly towards them, Drifters or their associates may or may not pick them up one by one, mindboggingly slowly, and begin shooting non-scanning lasers at the structures. Non-scanning, as in, they don’t create the usual scanning effect and the lasers are running in reverse. From the ship to the structure. Or so I’ve heard.

This is fine, though it does seem to be in the wrong section. I’m not quite sure where to put it, so it’s going to General Discussion for now.


Thank you! How would I write this so it fits in Features & Ideas? Most other threads there don’t seem to meet any standards.

Flesh out the idea as far as you think you can take it. :slight_smile:

I’ll try, though “trashing slaves for corpses” doesn’t offer much. Hm…

I’m pretty sure there are corpses out there worth a whole lot more than 300k lol

So is your idea to give corpses to drifters for some type of monetary benefit? And you are suggesting player corpses or generic corpses?

Or are you just trying to buy player corpses?

Maybe the Drifters specifically want capsuleer corpses?

Sure, but i doubt he wants those he just wants lots of cheapo ones, i usually collect them in jita :stuck_out_tongue:

No, no monetary benefit. To help the drifters. This part of the story never unfolded for some reason and I’m interested in changing that.

I’m pretty sure that can be added rather easily on CCP’s side. For some reason no one picked up on the idea of drifters seeking corpses, despite them even scanning and shooting people for corpses. I’m not aware of anyone ever doing any big corpse donations.

I’m aware of a million ISK being the usual price, but when no one ever buys them they’ll always stay worth nothing. 300k per unit, compared to nothing, is still 300.000 times more. :slight_smile:

How about a drifter LP store to purchase some unique stuff (not necessarily overpowered just unique, might even be mostly cosmetic stuff as well) for which you can earn LPs by donating corpses to their cause (and maybe some other means as well)?

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You need your own thread for that. :slight_smile:

Too lazy for that was just a random idea. If you see potential in it and think worth the effort feel free to post a thread about it.

But what would you pay for say a Sir Molle corpse? :slight_smile:

I’ve accidentially typed a message on the wrong char! Oh noes, I hope @Dracvlad doesn’t catch me!





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I honestly have no idea how to “flesh out” this idea. It’s literally all there is to it. The game itself has the rest covered already. All that’s misisng is that people actually feed corpses to drifters.

I actually did that a couple of times and saw I think maybe two youtube videos about it as well, though the process is cumbersome and they often glitch out and leave the corpses there or outright warp off after a while without taking the corpses.