Trashing slaves should return generic corpses we can hand over to the drifters

Thanks for confirming that this is an actual thing. :smiley:

I even mention it in my related blog post so more people are aware of this fascinating but somewhat hidden feature of the game.

It is quite similar to another such fascinating and little known feature that every star you see around you is actually rendered precisely according to their corresponding position and when you have the show path option enabled for your route it shows the actual path between the specific stars correctly not just randomly connecting some stars.

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I’ll have a look at this. Yes, all stars are rendered according to the coordinates in the database. There’s no random. There are plenty of stars which are only “background”, but when you reduce your settings to the minimum, the only stars visible are the ones that are in the game. At least as far as I can tell.

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Nobody is able to help drifters, I repeat, nobody!

They are inhumane and only look roughly like human. That is why Triglavians fight with them. Triglavians are still human, altho they know what cybernetics are and even engineer fusions of machine and flesh. The purpose is different tho, and is visible only in the body, while still not losing individuality, freedom, empathy, speech even, just like capsuleer, but different technology.

Drifters went too far, and lost our humane capabilities, what makes humans humane.

Are you saying I should donate corpses to the Triglavians instead?

If anybody would want to sacrifice humans to drifters, it would be like feeding moloch.

If you would sacrifice them for Triglavians, they would destroy you.

Corpses of non-capsuleers in space or capsuleer bodies not fit for function are usually recycled, or, in case of capsuleers only, sometimes buried (put into ornamented container) in space cemetery if the capsuleer became ultimately and irrevokably dead, his mind never to be backed up and forever deleted.

But sometimes capsuleer corpses are kept as trophies by some. Investment in such trophy can be good decision. That is why people usually scoop corpses and if capsuller becomes famous for something, corpse can be worth a bit to someone, for whatever reason.

I really don’t know why you’re telling me this.

Just saying. :woman_shrugging:

Forum feels slow so I write instead of reading.

This thread reminds me of the old enslavement/freedom programs I found in the database, CCP never implemented them, but they’re still there. They probably realized that letting players enslave NPC populations with Vitoc and sell them off to breeding facilities would be going too far, even for a universe as dark as EvE’s.

On a related note, I’d like to be able to free slaves I pick up in missions instead of just leaving them in space to suffocate or dumping them in the closest non-Amarr station.


I wouldn’t worry about that. When they’re slaves, they require the antidote to vitoc. When you don’t give them the antidote, which you don’t, because you can’t, they’re all dead within 24h (or less?) anyway. Maybe we need a “Dead Slave” item, which is just as good as a corpse?

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That would depend on whether or not the slaves were being controlled with Vitoxin.

I honestly don’t think of this technicality as significantly relevant. :stuck_out_tongue:

FREEE AAAAL SLAAAAVES! :partying_face:


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Uriel! They are already dead!

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